Al-Qaeda Urges Jihad to ‘Make India Suffer’ over Kashmir

Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri urged supporters in the disputed Kashmir area to inflict “unrelenting blows” on Indian soldiers and their federal government, the Extremely prolonged War Journal learned this week from a single of the terrorist group’s media arms.

Zawahiri also denounced the governing administration of Pakistan as “toadies of The united states,” accusing Islamabad of maintaining back once again jihad in Kashmir, a Muslim-huge vast majority place in the Himalayas claimed by Pakistan, its ally China, and its rival India.

He added declared that jihad on behalf of the Taliban is “an unique obligation.”

About the past couple decades, al-Qaeda has often termed on Muslims in India and Kashmir to assault non-Muslim men and women.

In the most current message, titled “Don’t Fail to remember Kashmir,” the worldwide jihadi group’s leader declares:

Mujahideen [Islamic guerilla fighters] in Kashmir- at this phase at least- have to 1-mindedly target on inflicting unrelenting blows on the Indian Army and governing administration, so as to bleed the Indian financial process and make India undergo sustained losses in manpower and products.

Zawahiri went on to accuse Pakistan of reining in jihad from Indian pursuits and home by steering clear of considerable-scaled attacks.

The mujahideen should really “liberate the Kashmiri jihad from the clutches of Pakistan’s intelligence businesses,” this type of that the jihad is “for the sake of Allah” (indicating for the goal of applying stringent Islamic legislation acknowledged as sharia) as opposed to a wrestle “for the sake of intercontinental criminals,” he proclaimed.

The Pakistani federal government and armed forces are “toadies of America” who prevented the “Arab Mujahideen” from “head[ing] to Kashmir following expelling the Russians from Afghanistan,” Zawahiri incorporated.

LWJ acknowledged that Pakistan has historically supported teams centered on pushing India out of Kashmir, which incorporate some that are cozy with al-Qaeda.

The Kashmir spot has been gripped by violent unrest, fueled by normal clashes involving Indian soldiers and Pakistan-linked terrorists alongside the border the separates their respective portions of Kashmir.

While India accuses Pakistan of backing terrorists in the area, Islamabad accuses India’s ruling Hindu nationalist get collectively of cracking down on Muslim dissidents in favor of a merger with Pakistan. Equally India and Pakistan deny the accusations.

Zawahiri proclaimed in his idea:

I would like to concentrate on with you these days a tragedy that has ongoing unabated for extra than seventy many years: the plight of the Muslims of Kashmir. It is a tragedy created even a whole lot extra dire by the uncomplicated truth that they are caught regarding Hindu brutality on the one hand and the treachery and conspiracies of Pakistan’s intelligence firms on the other.

Supplied the limitless sufferings that they have endured, we should really strongly empathize with their cause… and prolong to them all possible help.

The al-Qaeda chief also accused Pakistan of advertising out the Taliban to the United States in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Even even though Islamabad has certified some al-Qaeda members, the Pentagon has repeatedly accused Pakistan of harboring some of the group’s allies, collectively with the Taliban.

Pakistan vehemently denies the allegations.

The United Nations has contradicted the Pentagon’s claimed that the Taliban is distancing itself from al-Qaeda amid ongoing peace negotiations with the United States.

Presently, the United States and the Taliban are engaged in negotiations to shut the war in Afghanistan. Negotiators are striving to operate out the particulars of a possible withdrawal of foreign forces in exchange for Taliban guarantees that it will not allow al-Qaeda and other worldwide terrorist teams to perform on Afghan soil.

U.S. troops invaded Afghanistan just before prolonged following 9/11 in response to the Taliban harboring al-Qaeda jihadis. Nearly 18 numerous many years later on and the two terrorist groups proceed to be shut, the U.N. has described.

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