Alabama Democrat John Rogers: Sen. Doug Jones Told Me I Was ‘Rig

In an interview on Speak 99.5’s Matt &amp Aunie Show Monday morning, Alabama State Rep. John Rogers (D) claimed Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) agreed with his remarks final week on abortion but was furious for the reason that it brought on anxiety to his re-election campaign.

In the course of the interview, Rogers described a telephone get in touch with amongst himself and Sen. Jones following he created the remarks on abortion.

“Everybody who knows me knows I’m combative,” Rogers stated. “And I told Doug that if you want to come out against me, I’m coming out right here against you.”

Rogers then mentioned Jones was “right” in his remarks, but he had to “come out against” him for political causes.

“He known as me twice. He told me, ‘John, I know you are ideal but I have to come out against you,’” Rogers mentioned as he described the telephone get in touch with. “I mentioned, ‘OK, fine, if it is going to assist your campaign, do that.’ That is the sort of guy I am.”

Rogers mentioned Jones known as him back a second time and was “heated.”

“He known as back and I didn’t know that somebody was attempting to get in touch with me at the similar time, you know occasionally lines get crossed up, and they heard Doug hollering and shouting. And they known as me themselves, and I’ll inform you who it was: Frank Matthews.”

According to Yellowhammer News, Matthews is a “prominent social justice activist in Jefferson County and a longtime fixture in the area’s Democratic politics.”

“He mentioned, ‘John, wasn’t that Doug Jones hollering at you?’ And I mentioned, ‘Yes it was.’ I wasn’t going to inform him a lie,” Rogers stated. “I mentioned I told Doug, ‘Doug, bye. I’m not prepared to speak to you for the reason that you can’t apologize for me.’ I do my personal apologies.”

Rogers affirmed that Jones was “heated” and then impersonated Jones’s remarks and behavior.

“‘John, John, John, be quiet — shut up. You are killin’ me, you are killin’ me,’” Rogers mentioned. “He even mentioned I do not speak for Alabamians. I never ever mentioned I spoke for Alabamians. I speak for my district.”

Rogers added, “You do not chastise me, holler at me like that. He issued an apology for me. I told Doug Jones, I mentioned, ‘bye.’ I’m not speaking to you, we do not have to speak any longer. Since I do not appreciate that… you do not chastise me… hollering and shouting for the reason that I’m hurting your re-election. It is larger than re-election, what I was speaking about.”

“Doug Jones was a great pal of mine,” Rogers mentioned in regards to the scenario. “I mentioned, ‘was.’ And that is how I really feel about it ideal now.”

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