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Saturday, August 8, 2020

American individualism falling to socialism, globalism, collectivism

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Joe Biden, the Democrats’ hope for president this November, just said in an interview on KDKA in Pittsburgh that one of his first White House acts would be to make the wearing of face masks mandatory for every man, woman and child in America.

Required. Not recommended, but required. Let freedom reign? Not exactly.

It’s the new normal: Government ordering citizens this way and that way; government deeming what’s best for individuals, and dictating accordingly.

“I would do everything possible to make it required that people had to wear masks in public,” Biden said.

What once was law and order and limited government has turned into governance by personal dictate. And the dictates don’t even have to come from those who are duly elected.

America’s got the thugs in the streets insisting on the removal of statues, memorials and monuments deemed offensive; the anarchists in Seattle successfully staging a takeover of public streets, patrolling away police with their own armed guards; a Black Lives Matter leader taking to national television and coyly telling a shocked audience that he “could be speaking … figuratively,” or he “could be speaking literally” — but that “if this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it,” as Fox News wrote.

What does that mean?

“It’s a matter of interpretation,” he said, adding later that he neither “condone[s] nor … condemn[s] rioting.”

The confusion is helpful to revolutionaries.

Social reformers with designs for dramatic overhaul depend on chaos.

“Social destabilization is what happens when people do not have a plan or feel like there’s no vision for their future,” said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in a July 2019 radio interview.

Those people “have no choice but to riot,” she explained, as Business Insider wrote.

Crack. That’s the sound of a door opening for a savior.

A peace-talking leader who can bring about, by peaceful means, peace and the promise of prosperity for all. But it’s a lie.

“[W]hen it comes to control of territory, virtually every square inch of inhabited space on the planet is occupied by groups that forcibly dispossessed — sometimes exterminated — the land’s previous claimants,” The Chronicle of Higher Education wrote.

Of course, today’s radicals in America’s streets don’t recognize that truth — just as they don’t recognize the rights of the individual to have unfettered access to the streets, or the rights of the individual to possess private properties, including homes and cars and businesses, or the rights of the individual to be safe and secure, and kept safe and secure by police.

It’s all leading to a perfect breeding period for socialists.

It’s all marching toward a choice ground for the collectivists.

This is America’s fight in 2020. The enemies of individualism are gunning hard.

“As we mark the 75th anniversary of the @UN Charter, we must reimagine the way nations cooperate,” U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres said in a tweet just this week. “We need an effective multilateralism with scale, ambition and teeth.”

MAGA, move over. Fact is, with Joe Biden, America will give it.

With Joe Biden in the White House and the anarchists running the streets and Black Lives Matter controlling the narrative and Antifa types tearing down national identities — America will quickly board that globalist train.

Take a look at America’s streets; take the temperature of America’s politics; take a hard look at America’s culture and the trending talk of leaders and at the wolves at the gate and what they want. America’s individualism is in danger of being replaced by collectivism. By quasi-communism. By globalism.

Socialists and their cohorts on the far left are storming for America’s soul. The signs for all to see are everywhere.

• Cheryl Chumley can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter, @ckchumley. Listen to her podcast “Bold and Blunt” by clicking HERE. And never miss her column; subscribe to her newsletter by clicking HERE.


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