Bar Stool Sports Founder Triggers AOC With Anti-Union Tweets

Dave Portnoy is the founder of the on the internet funhouse recognized as Barstool Athletics and he — like a exceptional plenty of Us residents — is not a supporter of organized labor. He is also not shy about the stage, and that has now attracted the consideration of The Mouth That Never ever Shuts, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.)

When Portnoy caught wind that a rival site’s workers had formed a union, he re-posted one thing he’d prepared 4 several years in the previous that expressed his inner ideas about what would materialize if Barstool workers members ever needed to do the identical:

BAHAHA! I hope and I pray that Barstool staff verify out to unionize. I only can’t describe to you how a good deal I want them to unionize. Just so I can smash their minimum union to smithereens. Really minor would be positive to me more than to split it into a million extremely minor pieces.

All that Portnoy wrote appropriate right after that was really tongue-in-cheek, so it could have been published off as him just obtaining entertaining. If only one particular matter has been acquired in the earlier a quantity of quite a few many years it is that social media liberals abhor exciting.

Which is genuinely the only clarification as to why Spot Liberal Rafi manufactured the choice to wander into the buzzsaw that he did:

Portnoy was not at all shy about expressing his inner ideas pertaining to Rafi’s supply to help:

That woke up Squad Princess Alex, who took a break from operating on her hottest procedure to financially violate American taxpayers (#MeToo) just considerable ample to publicly threaten a individual citizen:

Even if you could be not a reader, I propose pouring by by yourself an grownup beverage and perusing the remarks that followed that.

AOC’s not-at-all-veiled consider to enlist the aid of her communist thug union mates worked, and the AFL-CIO rapidly joined the fray.

Portnoy remained unruffled even right after the AFL-CIO’s bullying approaches. This ain’t his 1st Twitter troll rodeo, right after all. Correct right after AOC subtweeted him, Portnoy issued her an invitation:

All above once more, do a deep dive into the replies to these numerous tweets and you will see no better illustration of the serious divide in 2019 The united states: exciting people today currently vs the humorless.

Portnoy’s unabashed enjoyment of his daily life and do the work is an affront to liberals, especially progressives. They are political ghouls who feed on the misery of other people today, most of which they produce and perpetuate. Really minor scares the crap out of a Democrat extra than an American who is acquiring fascinating at household or operate with no the govt telling him how he have to be executing it.

AOC will not very likely be debating Portnoy, of review program. She will not do extremely properly when confronted by any person whose IQ is increased than her age, which hers is not.

The leftist Perpetual Outrage Mob has gotten far a lot also snug with currently being outfitted to use social and conventional media to bully people who deviate from the Hive Intellect.

It actually is a pure delight to see yet another man or woman like Dave Portnoy, who not only is not actually caving to the mob, but is getting exciting with the you-know-what out of aggravating them.


Stephen Kruiser is the creator ofReally don’t Permit the Hippies ShowerandStraight Outta Emotions: Political Zen in the Age of Outrage,” every of which tackle significant topics in a humorous way. Monday by Friday he edits PJ Media’s “Morning Briefing.”

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