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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Biden, Harris Release Statement Celebrating Killing Babies In The Womb

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris released a statement on Friday in honor of the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, celebrating the murder of millions of babies through abortion.

In the announcement, the Democrat politicians promised to remain “deeply committed” to ensuring access to abortions, which they labeled as “reproductive healthcare.” They also lauded Roe v. Wade as a “foundational precedent.”

“The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to codifying Roe v. Wade and appointing judges that respect foundational precedents like Roe,” the statement reads.

Multiple pro-life groups and their leaders condemned the statement, pointing out its flaws and deceptive language.

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“Abortion isn’t healthcare. It is heartbreaking but not surprising that on the day we commemorate the loss of 60+ million Americans to abortion the new administration is already aggressively leaning into abortion extremism,” March For Life President Jeanne F. Mancini wrote on Twitter. “Doing so brings more divisiveness at a time when our country needs unity and healing.”

CatholicVote.org also weighed in on the statement, noting that Biden’s true colors of remaining “‘deeply committed’ to the intentional destruction of innocent life through the heinous practice of abortion” are showing.

“This represents a major rupture with the Church, only days after his press secretary described Joe Biden as “devout,’” the organization wrote. “Joe Biden’s full-throated endorsement of abortion today totally vindicates Archbishop Jose Gomez, head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, who warned Catholics that ‘our new President has pledged to pursue certain policies that would advance moral evils and threaten human life and dignity.’”

Pro-life networking organization Susan B. Anthony List also denounced the Biden-Harris statement, pointing out that the administration’s “commitment” to Roe v. Wade would allow for late-term abortions.

“President Biden & VP Harris just released a statement on the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, absurdly calling it ‘foundational.’ Wrong. What is truly foundational is the right to LIFE of every American, as stated in the Declaration of Independence,” the tweet read.  “In their statement, Biden-Harris commit to codifying the dated & unscientific 1973 Roe ruling, which would make it permanent. This would result in federal law permitting abortion on demand for ANY reason, through ALL NINE MONTHS.”

Biden and Harris are already rushing to undo the Trump administration’s pro-life policies, promising to reverse the Mexico City policy, which bans U.S. foreign aid from being directed to organizations that perform abortions. The administration is also looking to reinstate federal funding to the United Nations Population Fund, which offers information to women and young girls around the world about how to obtain abortions, and to review the Hyde Amendment’s provision preventing taxpayer dollars from funding abortions except if the mother’s life is in danger, she was raped, or there was incest.

Jordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist. She graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism.

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