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Friday, September 18, 2020

Biden: Trump Has More In Common With Castro Than Churchill

President Donald Trump has “more in common with (Fidel) Castro than with (Winston) Churchill, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Tuesday during an interview with Spanish Language outlet Univision in Florida.  

“Look who he admires. He admires (Vladimir) Putin, he admires Xi (Jinping), he admires everyone who behaves in an authoritarian way. I am the exact opposite. I have faith in the democratic system.”

Trump’s re-election campaign in Florida TV ads compares Biden to former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and former Cuban leader Castro. The message appears to be resonating with Cuban Americans in the state, as Biden is underperforming with the group. According to an NBC News/Marist poll, the former vice president trails Trump among Latino voters, 46-50 percent, a group Hillary Clinton won by nearly 30 points in 2016.

A poll of Miami-Dade County voters by Bendixen & Amandi International and the Miami Herald, also showed Trump with a lead over Biden among all Latino voters. Among Cuban American voters, Trump leads Biden by 38 percentage points. 

Cubans are the single biggest Hispanic ethnicity in Florida, the nation’s biggest swing state.

Trump earlier this week compared himself to legendary British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to defend why he purposely minimized the threat of the coronavirus in public earlier this year even though he privately acknowledged that the danger was grave.

“He always spoke with calmness. He said we have to show calmness,” Trump said about Churchill’s leadership amid the Nazis’ sustained bombing “blitz” against London during World War II.

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