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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Biden’s Pick For National Security Adviser Is A Steele Dossier Truther

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s pick for national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, has a history of amplifying junk intelligence.

During a podcast interview with former Obama White H0use Senior Advisor David Axelrod in January 2018, Sullivan didn’t hesitate to hype Russia hoax claims outlined in the since-debunked Democrat National Committee-funded Steele dossier accusing President Donald Trump of being a Russian agent.

Following a brief discussion over the funding of the dossier, Sullivan made clear he was “by no means,” distancing himself from the document.

“I believe that it is perfectly appropriate and responsible if we get wind or people associated with the campaign get wind that there may be real questions about the connections between Donald Trump, his organization, and Russia that that be explored fully,” Sullivan said. “At this point, we’re finding out more and more that’s deeply trusting.”

Sullivan had previously been an early culprit in perpetuating the dossier’s claims. According to Fox News on Monday, Sullivan reportedly told House investigators in 2017 that he had met with reporters at Fox, CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS while working as an adviser to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Sullivan was declared Biden’s pick to the top intelligence post Monday.

“We have no time to lose when it comes to our national security and foreign policy,” Biden said, four years after leaving the administration that locked an operation in place that would subvert the Trump agenda with a deep state coup operation.

Whether government intelligence agencies will continue to probe the new president’s son’s potentially criminal overseas business activity, is unlikely.

Meanwhile, U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russia hoax appears to be lagging, and under a President Biden it is likely to be quashed along with investigations into the Democratic president’s family business deals.

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