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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

‘Billions’ Creator Brian Koppelman Says Matt Gaetz Has ‘The Single Most Punchable Face I Have Ever Seen’

Brian Koppelman, producer and creator of the hit Showtime drama Billions, jumped to Twitter on Wednesday to say U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R, FL) has “the single most punchable face” he has ever seen.

The Hollywood producer, who also co-wrote Ocean’s Thirteen and Rounders, claimed he was against violence but then turned right around and said a sitting Congressman had a “punchable face.” On Wednesday afternoon, Gaetz slammed the Democrats over their constant obsession with impeaching the president with a tweet saying, “Don’t think for a moment we’re going to stop pursuing the truth about the Biden crime family.”

That spurred Koppelman’s tweet. “I would never punch anyone in the face. I abhor violence. Philosophy teaches us we can hold two seemingly contrary thoughts in our minds at the same time. So, while the above is true, I need to say that you have the single most punchable face I have ever seen,” Koppelman tweeted on Wednesday.

Like so many Hollywood figures, Brian Koppelman has spent a large amount of time attacking the president and his voters.

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Ahead of the election, for instance, Koppelman called President Trump’s voters the “worst of ourselves.”

“I’m having one of those mornings where I just cannot believe the President of the United States has the temperament of Bam Bam and the intellect of Dino,” said Koppelman, adding, “And that 30-40% of Americans believe him and embrace his worldview. We have gleefully become the worst of ourselves.”

In another case, Koppelman exclaimed that nobody should call President Trump “Mr. President,” and advocated for others to join him in refusing to refer to the president by his rightful title.

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