Death of SHINee singer Jonghyun shows the extreme pressures

Jonghyun, the lead singer of the K-pop band SHINee, was a favorite of my generation, and the face of K-pop’s global influence. SHINee was an icon of an industry, bringing newfound attention to a country we’d scarcely heard of. Over the decade since the group’s inception, the industry has swollen to become a powerful machine, churning out idols from a mold.

Jonghyun’s suicide warns us of the pitfalls of fame. “If anyone knew what being famous was really about,” the singer Sia once recalled in a 2013 interview, “no one would want fame … it is a monster that questions everything there is to question. Even things I had never thought to question. Things I had never dreamed of feeling insecure about.” As a tribute to her concerns about privacy, she created her trademark: an oversized bob-cut wig to mask all the parts of her face that we might recognize as hers.

Jonghyun was last seen alive at a convenience store

In CCTV footage released by SBS on Tuesday, Kim, wearing a padded jacket over a black hoodie, is seen stopping by the shop on the first floor of the hotel, reports said.The owner of the store said the singer purchased a packet of cigarettes, a fizzy drink, and a few snacks, website Koreaboo reported. It was not Kim’s first time staying at the building, the owner added.

Hong Kong fans flood Twitter in outpouring of grief over death of SHINee lead singer Jonghyn

The death of the 27-year-old celebrity, known for his vocals and slick dance moves, shocked fans globally. Tweets about the band from users in Hong Kong became one of the top Twitter trends on Tuesday.

Fan @hk_shawol tweeted that the star’s death “deeply saddened me” and that “ we shawols were not there for him … I’m so so sorry Jonghyun”. Shawol, or SHINee World, is a term used by the group’s fans to refer themselves.

Another fan @Maria777hk tweeted: “[Jonghyun’s death was] like a knife was stabbed through my heart”, while @Sara_HK92 said the star would be missed and called on other fans to “stay strong and let’s be united more than ever”.

Supporter @MinimeV tweeted: “I will never forget you. Thanks for being with SHINee for the past nine years, my boy.”

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