Cory Booker talks about ‘geeking out’ over Rosario Dawson’s Marvel role

blank - Cory Booker talks about 'geeking out' over Rosario Dawson's Marvel role

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. (N.J.) admitted to “geeking-out” more than girlfriend Rosario Dawson’s Marvel purpose. 

“I’m very excited that I’m dating a woman who has been a part of the Marvel universe,” he mentioned in an interview with SyFy Wire. “I played it cool when we first started dating but at one point I had to start geeking out on her.”

Dawson has portrayed the purpose of Claire Temple in a number of Marvel Television displays such as “Daredevil,” “Luke Cage” and “Jessica Jones.”

Booker, who attended Comic-Con in San Diego this week, mentioned that whilst he is on the campaign trail, the pair tries to conserve specified displays, this kind of as “Black Mirror,” for each and every other. 

“It is the least amount I’ve been able to participate in media ever I have all these things backing up on my TiVo,” he mentioned. “We try to have a couple deals that aren’t broken where we save things for each other.”

Booker said one particular of the “bigger issues” in their romantic relationship was when she watched a thing with no him. 

“She at one point violated that agreement and watched something without me,” he mentioned. “She would deny this. We’ve had arguments more than this.

Booker is amongst much more than two dozen people today vying for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. 

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