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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Donald Trump’s erasure doesn’t kill MAGA spirit

YouTube just suspended President Donald Trump from its platform for a period of seven days — or more. That comes after Twitter banned Trump forever and Facebook booted his account indefinitely.

Let the Trump haters cheer.

They won’t blot out the spirit of Americanism that Trump represented. 

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All this banning, all this booting, all this public shaming and slamming and reinvigorated talk of impeachment — all this high-brow and holier-than-thou and honestly, hypocritical to the gag-me-with-a-Mack-truck level — all this swirling whirlwind around Trump, all this off-with-his-head, display-his-bloodied-head atmosphere that constitutes proper punditry in the press these days — it’s all about this: killing all that Trump represented. Killing, murdering, eradicating the Make America Great Again existence.

Killing it, murdering it, eradicating it — and making sure it stays dead and buried. 



Let’s be clear: The violence on Capitol Hill was disgusting. The senseless death, the senseless and ugly deaths of American citizens, the senseless and ugly mayhem that resulted in deaths and injuries and arrests — all disgusting. This is a note that shouldn’t need to be stated — but sadly, in this hotly politically charged, angry and finger-pointing partisan-like time, it’s one the Trump supporter has to make. Over and over again. Or else face the accusation of being a participant in the violence, an inciter of the violence, a near-terrorist and actual terrorist lapping up the violence.

But the left, like the left is wont to do, is now taking the violence of a few and applying it to the whole. The left is happily, cheerfully, with gusto and a by-golly, we got ‘em now enthusiasm — the left is taking this violent incident and using it to full political advantage. The left has weaponized the Capitol Hill incident and used it to take down Trump, along with anyone who dared stand by Trump’s side and who still dares to stand by Trump’s side.

It’s not just Trump who’s being eradicated from social media and put, once again, under an impeachment gun.

It’s all of Trump’s supporters.

It’s the 75 million Americans who voted for Trump; it’s the more than third of Americans who think this election in November was tainted by fraud.

It’s the scores upon scores of American citizens who applauded a candidate in 2015-2016 who spoke of the need to out the deep state, of the need to secure our borders, of the need to put Americans first and foreign governments second — and who then applauded a president who actually did what he promised from the campaign trail he’d do.

The left in America isn’t just a bunch of people with political differences. 

The left in America has become a group of people who are hungry to tear down the foundations of this country, rip out what they see as a despicable insistence on individualism, and replace it with a form of government that will advance only the interests of their elitist and globalist allies: collectivism. Socialism. Communism.

Trump called them on that.

Trump called it correctly — that the November election was about capitalism versus socialism, freedom versus bondage.

The anti-American forces won. By hook and by crook, they won. And now they’re poised to take their positions of hooked and crooked power. And now they’re running madly here, scurrying madly there, to prepare the place for their chosen leader, Kamala Harris and her weak sidekick Joe Biden. And as part of that preparation, they have to make sure Trump and all his Trump teammates and all his Trump supporters get out of the way, get out of their circles of influence, and leave, leave, leave, never to return again.

They have to make sure Trump is rendered irrelevant. Powerless. Silent.

They have to send a message of chill to all of Trump’s supporters so as to render them all irrelevant, powerless, silent.

Make no mistake about it — this booting of Trump from the public eye is the left’s way of setting all the Trump supporters on notice. It’s a notice that goes like this: Stand by Trump? Well then, we’ll make sure you fall with Trump.

This is a type of politicking that better belongs in North Korea and China, not America. But then again, that’s what the left in America has become — minions of communists. And they want to drive out all spirits of America First and Make America Great Again and individualism and rugged independence and God-given and yes, even the Holy One Himself, that still dare to float. 

But just as once upon a time, a certain king of England tried to kill the spirit of independence that possessed his people, by sending in the strong-arm shows of force and clamping freedoms and exerting punishing controls, so, too, will go the left’s modern-day attempt to obliterate the foundations of America. It failed then; it will fail now.

The un-Americans on the left can try and try and try, but no matter how much they silence Donald Trump and silence Donald Trump’s supporters, they can’t silence America’s spirit. They can’t silence the liberty bell.

There are at least 75 million in the country who agree. 

And the way the left keeps overplaying its hand, and overreaching into Gulag land, there will be many more added to that 75 million in the days, the weeks, the months of Democrat-dominated governance to come. Nobody likes a censor; nobody, that is, but a tyrant.

• Cheryl Chumley can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter, @ckchumley. Listen to her podcast “Bold and Blunt” by clicking HERE. And never miss her column; subscribe to her newsletter by clicking HERE. Her latest book, “Socialists Don’t Sleep: Christians Must Rise Or America Will Fall,” is available by clicking HERE.


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