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Drug Control Policy Head Says Stopping Flow Of Deadly Drugs Top Priority

The director of national drug control policy touts the Trump administration’s “record numbers” in seizures of deadly drugs confiscated at the border.

In an interview  Thursday on Sinclair Broadcasting’s “America This Week,” director Jim Carroll said President Donald Trump has been dedicated to stopping the flow of deadly illegal drugs into the country.

“Under President Trump we’re setting record numbers” and are “on track for record seizures” of illegal drugs, including fentanyl, Carroll said.

“We’re bringing that whole government approach” to the issue, he added.

But, Carroll warned, “ “sadly, the border still needs to be improved so less poison brings in.”

According to Carroll, fentanyl from China has been stopped— yet it is finding its way into the country in other ways.

“The drug is still there but the president has taken a tough stance on China,” he said, adding, “fentanyl directly from China to the U.S. has basically gone to zero.”

“But sadly it’s going to other places,” including Mexico, he said. “It’s important to make these record seizures … to keep it out from our country…We’re seeing upticks in other parts of the U.S. where it’s coming in.”

“It takes all the government agencies coming together,” he said of the drug fighting effort.

“We have all of our agencies involved… the full might, breadth of the U.S. government… to squeeze these drug traffickers so they cannot bring these poisons in,” he declared.

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