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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Epic: Gab CEO Recreates Trump’s Twitter Acct And Big Tech Can’t Do A Thing To Shut It Down

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – America’s Big Tech Oligarchy wasted no time in completely shutting down and banning President Trump after last week’s incident at the Capitol building.

Though President Trump did not say anything that anyone with a brain could interpret as encouraging or inciting violence, he has been held solely responsible for the events that unfolded on Jan. 6.

Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms have claimed that they have to permanently ban the President to keep the public safe. They actually have the audacity to say that by silencing his rhetoric it will prevent real life violence.

Funny how these sites haven’t cared about actual violent rhetoric from leftists over the last four years especially when it resulted in actual violence and riots across the US.

President Trump has been the biggest supporter of law enforcement and not a single one of his rallies has ever resulted in violent outbursts. He has repeatedly condemned the violence of the left that went on for months and it was leftist politicians who refused federal assistance in stopping the riots.

Yet, now we’re all supposed to buy this idea that President Trump “lit the flame” that resulted in the deadly riot on Capitol Hill.

President Trump has been silenced by the Big Tech giants. They’ve even managed to take down Parler, a hugely popular social media platform aimed at protecting free speech.

The tyrannical censorship has been condemned around the world and by many in the US but Big Tech has too much power to care.

Big Tech wants us all to know who’s boss and who holds all the power. Unfortunately for Big Tech, one CEO isn’t willing to bow down and play their game.

Social media platform Gab’s CEO Andrew Torba (pictured at top) showed Big Tech they don’t, in fact, control everyone online in America after all.

Torba completely backed up President Trump’s Twitter account before Twitter deleted it and recreated it on Gab.

He did this while traffic for Gab was up 700% as users flee traditional social media sites in search for alternatives will they won’t be silenced, censored, and targeted for being conservatives.

Gab is currently upgrading its servers due to the massive influx in traffic, which saw as many as 600,000 new users in one day in response to President Trump’s banning.

“Our traffic is up 753% in the past 24 hours. Tens of millions of visits,” Gab said in response to slow loading speeds on the platform. The platform said it plans to add 10 more servers to relieve congestion.

According to 100% Fed Up, Gab allows all legal speech except for pornography and takes a hard stance against illegal content and incitement of violence.

Naturally, Google and Apple have both banned Gab from their app stores as a result of their free speech policy. Fortunately, Gab hosts its own physical services so, unlike Parler, they have been able to avoid being shut down by cloud servicing companies like Amazon Web Services.

It’s encouraging to see a company taking a bold stance against the Big Tech tyranny that is currently gripping the flow of information in America.

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