Epstein Has ‘Secret’ Steel Safe In Off-Limits Room On ‘Pedo Island’

With all eyes on Jeffrey Epstein pursuing his Saturday arrest on charges of underage intercourse-trafficking, we now flip our target to the mysterious island owned by the pedophile financier. 

Incredibly very little St. James – or as locals get in touch with it “Pedophile Island” or “Orgy Island,” sits to the east of Puerto Rico proper subsequent to St. Thomas island. Epstein reportedly most preferred the nickname “Minimal St. Jeff’s.” 

The ‘temple’ in a great deal greater days:

Epstein acquired the island for $seven.95 million in 1998 – going to the island up to a couple of conditions a month for a handful of occasions at a time up right up until at some point his 2008 ‘sweetheart’ supply for 13 months in prison with partial work-release, brokered by now-fired (‘resigned’) Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta. 

Once again in his heyday, in advance of his 2008 accountable plea in Florida, Epstein would go to his piece of the Virgin Islands archipelago about two or a couple of intervals a thirty day time period for stays of a couple of or four occasions, in accordance to the earlier staffer, who asked not to be named basically simply because Epstein insisted on secrecy from his employees members. He described it as a Zen-like retreat when Epstein was there, padding near to shirtless in shorts and flip-flops, with meditative songs piped into the spot all in excess of the principal dwelling, the cabanas and the pool, wherever gals would from time to time sunbathe topless or in the nude. –Bloomberg

Shortly following he acquired the island, Epstein commenced growth on the 72-acre residence, in accordance to Bloomberg – carving streets, planting palm trees, and building a huge stone mansion and a bizarre temple-like composition which had its gold-coloured dome blown off by Hurrican Irma in 2017. 

Holidaymakers even now get boats out to get a glimpse of the island, in which, in accordance to a former worker, Epstein hosted youthful women who flew into St. Thomas with him and had been ferried about in teams aboard a 38-foot vessel referred to as the “Lady Ghislaine,” evidently named for his good friendGhislaine Maxwell. –Bloomberg

Epstein also set up a vital secure in his workplace, which was off-limits apart from the occasional housekeeper. 

The only unusual component of the principal dwelling the earlier worker stated he was conscious of had been the safety bins in two spots of operate. The stage of secrecy all-close to a steel harmless in Epstein’s workplace, in unique, advised it contained substantially supplemental than just earnings, he explained. Outdoors the property of an occasional pay out a go to to by a housekeeper, no a single was authorized in all these rooms. –Bloomberg

With the supply of Epstein’s prosperity a longstanding secret, and rumors swirling that Epstein may perhaps have been backed by a “condition sponsor” for a honeypot blackmail procedure, the contents of Epstein’s off-limitations harmless need to have to be of the utmost wish to US prosecutors. 

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