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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Fled Fleitz to Newsmax TV: China Wants ‘Biden in Office Desperately’

A Joe Biden presidency represents and clear and present danger to the U.S. because of our current dealings with China – along with his obvious “mental decline” – according to former National Security Council chief of staff Fred Fleitz on Newsmax TV.

“Democrats want him to skip the debate because they know there are serious signs of mental decline, and this would be displayed in front of the American people,” Fleitz, President and CEO of the Center for Security Policy, told Thursday’s “John Bachman Now.” “I think this is dangerous because our enemies already know Biden is suffering from mental decline. If he skips the debate, he’s going to confirm for them months in advance that he’s going to be much easier to manipulate than he would have been otherwise.

“Iran, and China, and Russia, they can’t wait for a Biden presidency because they know they’re gonna walk all over that presidency – just like they walked all over President Obama. But if the president is mentally incompetent, this is something you can be sure that the leaders of China and Iran and North Korea they’re all ready to exploit.”

Not only has Biden shown little in the way of strength against China during his time as vice president under President Barack Obama, but he has even made public pro-China comments that fly in the face of the realities the U.S. is facing on the global coronavirus pandemic that began in Wuhan, China, trade imbalances, human rights abuses, forced technology transfer, and intellectual property theft, Fleitz noted.

“Biden has consistently indicated he does not understand the threat from China, that he underestimates it,” Fleitz added. “I think he will send very weak negotiators to China, and we will kowtow to China. We will back away from all the tough policies, all the tariffs President Trump has put on.

“Beijing desperately wants Biden in office, because no president in decades, if ever, has ever held China accountable for its abuse of international trade, for its human rights abuses, and for what it’s doing right now to destabilize the region. You can be sure the Chinese Communist Party, they want this to end, they want Biden in office desperately.”

Fleitz is co-author of the recently released book “Defending Against Biothreats: What We Can Learn from the Coronavirus Pandemic to Enhance U.S. Defenses Against Pandemics and Biological Weapons.”

He added a rebuke of one of Biden’s finalists to be his running mate, former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, who infamously suspected incoming NSA Gen. Michael Flynn might have been too favorable for Russia – potentially sparking a surveillance operation – because he was sounding 2016 alarms on China, of all countries.

“It’s very clear that Susan Rice and President Obama and the rest of the president’s senior staff deliberately kept these investigations going, put careers in place to make sure they continue, and did not tell President Trump and his staff bout the existence of these investigations, and that is a serious violation the principle of the peaceful transfer of power,” Fleitz said.

“The American people need to know, they need to know that she was in the middle of this abuse of our intelligence agencies and is a good reason why if she’s she selected to be Joe Biden’s vice president that Biden should not get anyone’s vote this November.”

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