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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Footage of Biden Describing Being Arrested at Capitol Surfaces, Raises Questions Dems Don’t Want to Hear

This is one Joe Biden story that raises questions Democrats don’t want to answer.

The man who’s now the president of the United States took to the “Late Show with David Letterman” in 2007 with a story for the late-night comic about his purported arrest as a young man for illegally entering the U.S. Senate chamber on a visit to Washington and sitting in the presiding officer’s chair.

It was meant as an amusing anecdote, no doubt, but a viewer in 2021 will be struck by something else entirely.

Check out the Biden story here.

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In the wake of the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion that has left a deep imprint on the nation’s politics as well as its capital city (National Guard units are expected to be stationed in D.C. at least another month), jokes about criminal trespass in the seat of government take on a new light.

Of course, there’s no comparison between that appalling day and what Biden claims to have done as a youthful swain of 21. And there’s really not even a particularly good reason to think Biden’s story is true.

As Fox News noted on Sunday: “It was unclear whether or the nation’s 46th president was indeed arrested at the age of 21. But Biden has been caught bragging about other arrests that turned out not to be true.”

Do you think Joe Biden is capable of being the president?

The man’s well-documented history of lying about past events — including “arrests” — to make himself look good tends to make this story deserving of at least a sizable portion of salt. (He has, however, told it at least once before, with some details added.)

The really big question that comes out here is, what happened to the man in the 2007 video?

The confident, relaxed Joe Biden talking to Letterman bears only a slight resemblance to the faltering, often-confused figure now ensconced in the White House, protected by a Praetorian Guard of Secret Service agents and a bootlicking mainstream media.

Of course, that interview was 13 years ago, and humans age like everything else on earth. But compare that version of Biden to the man he replaced in the White House.

As video of Donald Trump from the same period shows, the man who held the presidency before Biden indisputably looked younger in the last years of the George W. Bush presidency than he does now, but has clearly lost none of his faculties since then.

Check him out in a Sept. 9, 2007, interview on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”:

Even his public feud with Rosie O’Donnell is the same.

For Biden, however, something has clearly changed between his Letterman interview and the present — something that might not be his fault but doesn’t instill confidence in any sane American that he will be the man for the job when a serious crisis hits.

Social media users noticed too:

Back in the 2008 primary season, then-New York Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign mocked then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama for not being ready for the “3 a.m. phone call.” Joe Biden these days looks like he’d have to be woken up for the 3 p.m. phone call. Then woken again at 3:05.

Of course, there’s fodder for jokes about Biden staging his own “incursion” in the Senate chamber as a callow youth. There are grounds to mock yet another “Biden” arrest story that doesn’t seem all that well-grounded in reality. (Maybe he was just “detained” in the Capitol, the way he was “detained” in South Africa, rather than being arrested trying to see Nelson Mandela in the 1970s.)

But there are more serious questions raised by this video from 2007, like what happened to that Joe Biden? And is the Joe Biden the United States now has as president really up to the job?

Those are questions Democrats don’t want to answer.

Because they know the answer to the second one, anyway — just as every Trump supporter does.

And it’s “no.”

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