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Gallup: 24% of Black Workers and 15% of White Workers Felt Discriminated Against

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(CNS News) — In its latest survey for its Center on Black Voices, Gallup found that during the last 12 months at least 24% of black workers said they had experienced discrimination at work while 15% of white workers said the same. Large percentages in both groups said they felt the discrimination was racially or ethnically motivated.

In the poll, Gallup asked, “In the past 12 months, have you felt discriminated against at work?”

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For all U.S. employees, regardless of race or ethnicity, 18% said yes. For blacks, 24% said yes; Hispanic workers, 24% yes; and white employees, 15% yes.



“These findings, derived from a large-scale Gallup web survey conducted in English Nov. 6-Dec. 1, 2020, reveal that workplace discrimination reported by Black and Hispanic workers exceeds reports of such experiences among White employees (15%) by a substantial margin,” reported Gallup. 

“More than 8,000 respondents were surveyed, including more than 3,500 White workers, more than 2,000 Black workers and more than 2,000 Hispanic workers,” said the polling firm. 

“Experiences of workplace discrimination are similar between Black men (27%) and Black women (23%), as well as between Black employees in households earning less than $90,000 annually (24%) and those in households earning $90,000 or more (25%),” said Gallup. 



As for whether the discrimination may be racially or ethnically based, 74% of black workers said yes and 42% of white workers said yes; 61% of Hispanics said yes. For U.S. employees overall, 52% said they were discriminated against because of race or ethnicity.

“[W]while racial discrimination in the workplace is illegal under federal law, about one in four black employees report having been on the receiving end of discrimination at work in the past year alone,” said Gallup. 

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“Among young black employees, who are early in their careers and looking to establish a professional footing, experiences of workplace discrimination are reported at an even higher rate,” said the polling firm. “Early experiences in the workplace shape employees’ careers — and negative experiences can have an impact on their trajectories and future attitudes about work, as well as their opportunities to excel and feel accepted on a team.”

“Gallup has found that what everyone in the world wants is a good job — but that pursuit is made harder for Black Americans, of whom one in four say they experience discrimination on the job,” reported the company. 

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