GOP Rep. Gooden (R-TX) Accuses Speaker Pelosi of Sedition After Telling Illegal Aliens how to Avoid ICE (VIDEO)

On Friday GOP Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) spoke with Stuart Varney on Pelosi’s surprising statements.

Gooden accused Speaker Pelosi of sedition.

Rep. Gooden: Suggesting that individuals crack the law in this state is sedition. And I visualize we are most likely down a very difficult path that we, and I say we to symbolize Nancy and the gang, that we are not capable to flip back on.

Gooden then accused Rep. Escobar of “allegedly” instructing her workers members to cross the border into Mexico and encouraging illegals to split the regulation.

By way of Varney and Co.:

The publish GOP Rep. Gooden (R-TX) Accuses Speaker Pelosi of Sedition Proper soon after Telling Unlawful Aliens how to Continue to keep away from ICE (On the web video) appeared really to start with on The Gateway Pundit.

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