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Friday, January 22, 2021

House passes 25th Amendment resolution asking Mike Pence to oust Donald Trump

The House voted late Tuesday to approve a resolution begging Vice President Mike Pence to trigger the 25th Amendment and sideline President Trump, a largely symbolic spanking that was a prelude to a bigger fight over impeachment.

The 223-205 vote saw one Republican, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, join with Democrats.

Democrats said the urgency of removing Mr. Trump after last week’s attack on the Capitol demanded action by Mr. Pence.

“The president’s actions demonstrate his absolute inability to discharge the most basic and fundamental powers and duties of his office. Therefore, the president must be removed from office immediately,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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Republicans countered that Congress has no role in the 25th Amendment until after it is used, and urging Mr. Pence to intervene crossed lines.

The vice president has already ruled out using the 25th Amendment, and reiterated that in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“I do not believe that such a course of action is in the best interest of our nation of consistent with our Constitution,” he said.

Democrats, aware that their move was toothless, had already teed up impeachment proceedings, with a vote slated for Wednesday.

More Republicans are expected to back that impeachment push.


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