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Sunday, November 29, 2020

‘I’m going to blow up’ Georgia with new lawsuit

President Trump’s legal team talked up on Saturday a massive lawsuit to be filed in federal court focused on an alleged fraud scheme involving Georgia and electronic voting machines.

Jordan Sekulow and Sidney Powell appeared on Newsmax, a news network that has strives to set itself apart by not calling the 2020 race for President-elect Joe Biden, to tease what is next for the Trump team that has faced repeated setbacks in battleground state lawsuits.

“I can’t tell you right now what is coming in Georgia, but what is coming in Georgia will be shocking,” Sekulow said in his interview.

Hours later, Powell offered more specifics, predicting that Georgia, among other battleground states upon which they are focused, “will be the first state I’m going to blow up” and it “will be biblical.”

She made several stunning allegations, including top Georgia state officials being paid to be part of a conspiracy and Dominion Voting Systems, which has denied being involved in a vote-switching scheme, and much more. Mark Halperin, a contributor at Newsmax, said at one point that everything she was alleging “is nuts.”

Powell said she plans to file something by Friday, if not earlier. She said filings about fraud and conspiracy allegations will be filed across multiple jurisdictions.

Georgia is also where two Senate runoffs are set to take place next month, with control of the upper chamber hanging in the balance. Powell said it would be “absurd” for Georgia to proceed with the runoffs using the same election machines.

A statewide recount for the presidential election took place last week in the state, which affirmed Biden as the winner by more than 12,000 votes.

Trump and his allies claim the election was rigged, but have yet to put forth evidence showing a widespread conspiracy.

Biden is projected to have 306 electoral votes, 36 more than is needed to win the Electoral College, and so far leads President Trump by about 6 million votes in the popular vote, according to the Associated Press.

Trump refuses to concede the race, holding out for legal challenges and recounts to play out in several battleground states. While Biden is moving ahead with setting up an administration, he hasn’t been given access to government resources for a presidential transition, which has raised national security concerns. The Trump team is running out of time, however, as states certify their votes and the Electoral College meets in mid-December. Inauguration Day is Jan. 20.

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