Images appear to show Chinese armored personnel carriers gathered near Hong Kong protesters

China’s army has moved a group of armored personnel carriers close to the border with Hong Kong as the mainland government seeks to quell weeks of often-violent protests that have swept the city.

The Connected Press reported Wednesday that pictures appeared to present a group of personnel carriers headed to the area Monday, apparently to get portion in exercise routines meant to present the military’s capability of shutting down the protests.

The city’s assistant police commissioner reportedly confirmed that 5 individuals had been arrested overnight for protesting in Hong Kong’s airport, in which demonstrators have targeted their efforts in latest days as a way to increase awareness amongst foreign site visitors.

“Hong Kong police have always facilitated peaceful and orderly protests over the years, but the extremely radical and violent acts have certainly crossed the line and are to be most severely condemned,” a police official stated, in accordance to the AP. “The police pledge to all citizens of Hong Kong that we will take steps to bring all culprits to justice.”

Information of China moving troops to the border with Hong Kong broke earlier this week and prompted a remark on the predicament from , who stopped quick of warning Chinese forces not to crack down on the protesters, drawing criticism from Democrats.

“The Hong Kong thing is a very tough situation, very tough,” Trump stated Tuesday. “We’ll see what happens, but I’m sure it’ll work out. I hope it works out for everybody — including China, by the way. I hope it works out for everybody.”

China’s liaison workplace in Hong Kong, meanwhile, warned of significant repercussions for protesters who break the law in a statement, in accordance to the AP.

“Their behavior shows extreme contempt for the law, seriously damages Hong Kong’s international image and deeply hurts the feelings of the broad masses of their mainland compatriots,” the statement stated.

The city has been hit by protests for months initially above a proposed bill that would have permitted criminal suspects to be extradited to China. Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam suspended the bill, but that has failed to stem the protests, with numerous locals expressing fear it could be revived and increase China’s management above the city.

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