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Friday, February 26, 2021

Joe Biden and his team have thrown their hands up at the pandemic

In just five days, the new administration has made it clear that President Biden and the rest of his team were just kidding about knowing how to end the pandemic. What is the right course of action? Their guess is as good as yours!

They’re not explicitly saying that out loud, of course. Instead, they’re preemptively washing their hands of responsibility, and their supporters in the news media are letting them do it.

Biden’s Centers for Disease Control director, Rochelle Walensky, said Sunday on Fox News that the Biden administration doesn’t even know how many doses of vaccine and that fact “just gives you a sense of the challenges we’ve been left with.”

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How hard can it be to count them? Not our fault!

The day before Inauguration Day, Walensky said on ABC, “Yes, I’m going to be sworn in tomorrow, but the work has been happening since I was named [director] and we’ve been working really hard to make sure we can come in and hit the ground running.” To make sure everyone heard her right, she said again, “We’ve been hitting the ground running.”

Gee, that sounds like someone who was confident that she had a handle on things. To be fair, though, Walensky didn’t say what direction she was running. We know now that it was…away from accountability!

White House Senior Adviser Cedric Richmond was also on television Sunday, lowering expectations for the administration. “The sad part is the last administration didn’t leave anything,” he said. “They didn’t leave a plan.”

That pathetic claim was first made last week by an anonymous administration official who told a gullible CNN reporter that they were “starting from scratch” on distributing vaccines. That was a lie, as even the sainted Dr. Fauci later pointed out. But, hey, why are you asking questions?

Biden literally went from “I’m going to shut down the virus” before the election to “There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic” immediately after taking office. No one in the news media seems to think this is important.

What’s Biden’s team going to do about the virus? Don’t ask them! And by the way, did I mention that it’s somebody else’s fault?

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