John Lithgow Recites Poem About the ‘Virus, Infecting the Health of the Nation’

Actor John Lithgow recited a poem lambasting the Trump administration Thursday, seemingly impressed by outgoing Labor Secretary Alex Acosta’s earlier legal supply with embattled billionaire sexual intercourse offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Lithgow’s poem surfaced on Twitter Thursday. In it, he employed Acosta – who has been at the centre of the Epstein firestorm mainly because of to the plea deal he attained with the sexual intercourse offender a decade in the past – as a motor motor vehicle to bash the Trump administration and the “virus infecting the overall health of the nation” launched on by what the Pet Cemetery star says is “a toxic and foul blend of cash, perversion, and energy.”

Appropriate right here is the poem’s transcript in its entirety:

Alexander Acosta was executing just superb
In his snug Cupboard submit.
Fortunate for him, the Division of Labor
Obtained significantly significantly significantly less consideration than most.

Dumpty’s original determine on for Acosta’s placement
Could barely have been far more obtuse:
Andy Puzder, renowned for his cheeseburger porno
And rumors of spousal abuse.

Puzder was dumped in a clumsy debacle
That pummelled the bumbling potus.
So Acosta, an amiable U.S. Attorney,
Drew practically no basic public learn.

Scaramucci, Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer, and Bannon
Have been currently being fired or compelled to resign.
Fifty other individuals all shared the actual identical notorious destiny,
But Acosta was undertaking just very good.

But a 10-yr-earlier story leaked out from his earlier
And yanked him from placid obscurity.
His title was hooked up to a sickening scandal
that shook his serene undertaking security.

The regulation had caught up with a Palm Seaside roué,
A man of deluxe signifies,
Billed with trafficking, pimping, procuring, and rape
Of dozens of underage teenagers.

He’d concocted a sexual pyramid system
Of unspeakable breadth and perversity,
Promising vulnerable, penniless girls
A route out of brutal adversity.

The perp, Jeffrey Epstein, deserved to be crushed
By Justice’s ruthless iron fist,
But the priciest attorneys that income could get
Obtained him off with a slap on the wrist.

Lifetime in prison? Oh, no. A mere thirteen months
In his have personal wing of a jail,
With perform-release privileges twelve hrs a functioning day
To unwind and capture up on his mail.

In the background of flagrant miscarriage of justice,
No situation is as lurid and stark.
And the phrases of the supply had been saved beneath seal
So the victims had been currently being retained in the darkish.

Was a demanding U.S. Legal specialist in charge?
Or a grovelling, feckless imposter?
In uncomplicated reality, he heads up your Division of Labor:
The amiable Alex Acosta.

A predator wed to a fawning enabler
Is a fellowship sound by the Satan.
Who would have believed this kind of a spouse in criminal offense
Would ascend to the Cupboard sum?

We are residing, alas, in the Dumptyan Time period
Wherever scandals erupt by the hour.
They stir a recurring and queasy sensation
A virus infecting the wellness of the nation,
Launched on by a hazardous and foul mixture
Of funds, perversion, and vitality.

Acosta launched his resignation Friday, detailing that the Epstein fallout was having absent from the superior perform of the Trump administration’s Labor Segment.

“I do not imagine it is correct and truthful for this administration’s Labor Department to have Epstein as the focus, fairly than the outstanding economy,” he explained. “My level right here these days is we have an astounding financial system and the concentration desires to be on the financial system task generation.”

Acosta reduce a supply with Epstein by way of his time as a U.S. legal specialist in Miami, but he reportedly advised the Trump crew that he was explained to to back yet again off Epstein, due to the reality he (Epstein) “belonged to intelligence.”

As the Just about every day Beast pointed out:

“Is the Epstein situation going to lead to a difficulty [for confirmation hearings]?” Acosta had been asked. Acosta expert stated, breezily, apparently, that yet again in the functioning day he’d expert just one meeting on the Epstein situation. He’d slash the non-prosecution supply with one of Epstein’s attorneys for the purpose that he had “been told” to back off, that Epstein was greater than his pay out grade. “I was instructed Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to depart it by itself,” he informed his interviewers in the Trump transition, who evidently thought of that was a ample response and went in advance and employed Acosta. (The Labor Division expert no comment when questioned about this.)

This is not the incredibly to start with time the Foot Free of charge actor has expressed disdain for the Trump administration. Lithgow not too long ago participated in a shock are residing-streamed engage in about the launch of the Mueller report collectively with left-wing stars Alyssa Milano, Mark Hamill, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sigourney Weaver, Wilson Cruz, Joel Gray, Annette Bening, and Kevin Kline.

Lithgow is at the second starring in the Broadway play Hillary and Clinton, which is reportedly wrapping up generation a man or woman month early owing to minimal ticket products revenue.

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