No White Christmas in Pokemon Go

From an Express article where they interviewed Matt Slemon, it seems that Niantic will not be causing Snow to occur where Snow would not normally occur, and that weather will remain an AR feature and reflect IRL weather (or as accurately as they have been):

Niantic developer Matt Slemon had this to say on the subject, telling The Express: “The most important things for us when it comes to the Weather feature is that we enforce it is an AR feature.

“This isn’t something we want to make up, so we don’t want to virtualize snow for instance, in Los Angeles.

“We want the weather (in Pokemon Go) to reflect what the weather’s like outside.

“That being said, if there are Pokemon that might spawn more often in the snow, you might still see them through events showing up because of the event, rather than because it’s snowing outside.”

Niantic has confirmed that they will be hosting a new Pokemon Go Christmas event this year, following the success of 2016’s campaign.

The development team has revealed that there will be new fun things to do in connection with the upcoming event, with the aim to improve on last year’s run.

SolWolf said: ” I’m not surprised. This was brought up as a possibility when the weather update was announced and my personal input is that Niantic is big about augmenting the environment not making it up. 

This is one of the big reasons why they will never go the DraconiusGo route of making randomized Pokestops/gyms. They will be placed in places that are supposed to draw attention, whether that be a PoI or a sponsored location. 

Making it like this really incentivizes travel to places that have certain weather patterns. I mean I’m in SoCal…snow is a rarity in the valleys but that just makes a trip up to the mountains extra special.”

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