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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Lincoln Project grifters sink to a new low

For most of the last year, the Lincoln Project has just been a scam — veteran GOP consultants raising $78 million for the anti-Trump cause while sending nearly all the cash to firms run by its board members. But it finished on an even dirtier note: It encouraged its followers to harass anyone working for a law firm involved in President Trump’s post-election litigation.

The group targeted two law firms, urging their employees to resign and their clients to find new lawyers. The Lincoln Project told its Twitter followers to create LinkedIn accounts, then message firm staff asking “how they can work for an organization trying to overturn the will of the American people.”

Such harassment is not only wrong, it’s nonsensical: Shirlethia Franklin, a lawyer at one of the firms, serves on the Joe Biden transition.

The group even posted personal info (photos, e-mail addresses and work phones) of two of the lawyers, telling its 2.7 million followers: “Make them famous,” with a skull-and-crossbones emoji for good measure.

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Again, until then the Lincoln Project cynics were mainly just bilking the Resistance: The Center for Responsive Politics found that its money overwhelmingly went to the consultants themselves. And: “The group also hides some of its vendors by stealthily paying subcontractors, making it difficult to follow the money.”

It also spent $12 million supporting seven Democrats in an effort to flip the Senate — none of them won. Shamelessly, it’s now looking to dip into the cash avalanche for the Georgia Senate runoffs.

Overpriced, amoral consultants have long been a plague on American politics, but this bunch is setting a whole new low.

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