HISTORIC TAX CUTS for American families and businesses

The GOP’s tax reform plan is the Christmas gift

The GOP’s tax reform plan is the Christmas gift that we’ve all been waiting for and could be the gift that keeps giving. It has the potential to bring historic tax cuts, more money in our pockets and a brighter future for our families and our country. President Trump has tirelessly pushed for Congress to craft tax cuts that will put people back to work, raise wages and make “Made in the U.S.A.” a reality once again.

The new tax code will cut income taxes for just about everyone, including a yearly tax break for the average middle-class family of up to $2,000. The standard deduction will double to $24,000 for married couples filing jointly and $12,000 for individuals, saving us money and eliminating for most of us the burdens of itemization — while letting us keep the opportunity to deduct expenses for homeownership, medical care, education, and charitable giving. Folks in graduate school, paying off medical bills, supporting causes important to them, or looking to buy their first home all will find a friend in the new tax code.

Ivanka Trump: Tax reform plan a historic win for Americans:

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