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Friday, February 26, 2021

Megan Fox, Mindy Kaling hit by alleged Ponzi-scheming PR exec: lawsuit

An alleged Ponzi-scheming public relations exec apparently ensnared actors Megan Fox and Mindy Kaling in his web of deceit, claims a Manhattan firm which says it was duped out of $2.5 million in the con.

Hotshot marketing guru Andrew Garson, who in July 2018 was named to the “Top 40 under 40” list by PR Week Magazine, was indicted on wire fraud charges last year for allegedly conning his bosses at MWW Group to pay debts he owed vendors at a previous company, according to court papers.

But Garson’s money machinations at MWW went even further, the company charges in a $10 million Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

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The Long Island man allegedly created budgets for “fictitious” marketing campaigns, and incurred debt to talent like Fox and Kaling on projects or budgets MWW hadn’t approved.

The scam left MWW fielding lawsuits and demands for payment the company knew nothing about, including $450,000 from Fox, according to court papers.

Andrew Garson
Andrew GarsonTwitter

In some cases, Garson is accused of making agreements on behalf of MWW that exceeded budgets the company had set, leaving the firm holding the bag for the overage, including $1.75 million to Kaling, who in 2018 starred in an MWW ad campaign for Barefoot Wine, the company claims.

Garson also misappropriated monies working on projects for various advertising clients, including $58,000 from Jack in the Box, $125,000 with Red Lobster and $270,000 from Cox Automotive, MWW charges.

The criminal charges against Garson are pending.

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