Melania Trump On Christine Blasey Ford: She’s A Liar

blank - Melania Trump On Christine Blasey Ford: She’s A Liar

It will all be laid out in an potential e book from The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway and the Judicial Catastrophe Network’s Carrie Severino, but Extremely initial Lady Melania Trump was not receiving any of Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual misconduct allegations in opposition to then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Ford was the star witness for the Senate Democrats who have been established to sink the nomination by any signifies crucial. The stability of the Court docket was at stake. Trump is pushing the courts on a rightward tilt—and he’s been pretty successful in performing that. The 1st Female named Ford a liar (by NY Submit):

A new e-guide says that to start off with lady Melania Trump recommended her companion she imagined Christine Blasey Ford was lying when she testified prior to the Senate Judiciary Committee from Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“You know that female is lying, really do not you?” Melania Trump recommended President Trump, in accordance to “Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Long run of the Supreme Court” by conservative authors Mollie Hemingway, a senior editor at The Federalist, and Carrie Severino, most important counsel and coverage director of the Judicial Crisis Network.

Hemingway and Severino, whose manual arrives out Tuesday, use the quite initial lady as an situation in stage of an beneath-claimed storyline in the information media — that “millions of other gals and men” did not come to feel Blasey Ford, the authors described.

The accuser gave tearful testimony amid Kavanugh’s Senate confirmation hearings about a sexual assault that she claimed she skilled at the fingers of the potential justice, when they have been youngsters.

The Kavanaugh battle was one of the most brutal SCOTUS fights in modern day memory. It was downright unpleasant and it weaponized sexual assault allegations no make a big difference how ludicrous. All of the allegations from Kavanaugh have been uncorroborated, unprovable, and even absolutely crazy. Julie Swetnick’s allegations have been so outrageous—she accused him of working a gang rape ring in massive school—that it could probably have pushed reasonable Republican Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) to facet with the rest of her colleagues in voting to affirm the quite experienced Kavanaugh to the Court. Belief is not evidence. No 1 could corroborateFord’s allegations. Also considerably time skilled passed and even Ford couldn’t remember why she was at this distinct celebration specifically the place this alleged assault supposedly transpired, how she purchased property, who hosted it, or why there was even a celebration turning out to be thrown. The Left experimented with employing to “Bork” Kavanaugh. They failed. Sorry, persons, with an allegation as significant as this, it wants to be ironclad for a multitude of excellent good reasons. It wasn’t. It had far a lot more holes in it than a piece of Swiss cheese. You couldn’t go to courtroom with it, but Democrats could harness it to interact in a vicious character assassination campaign. And nonetheless, Kavanaugh persisted and emerged victoriously. I’m guessing a excellent pretty a couple of Us citizens felt the actual about Ford: she’s lying. It can be achievable other people felt that she was assaulted, just not by Kavanaugh. That is achievable also. But the lesson the GOP want to fully grasp from this fiasco is that they have to adhere with every other, and by no means cave to the Democrats—ever as soon as yet again. 

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