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Minneapolis sees continued violence since Floyd unrest with eight shootings on Tuesday night

Minneapolis continues to see a violent streak of activity since the city exploded into the epicenter of violent protests that followed the death of George Floyd last month.

The Star Tribune reports eight people were shot throughout the city on Tuesday night in episodes of violence that began shortly after 10 p.m.

Officers began the night responding to calls of gunfire at a local address only to learn the male victim had already been dropped off to an area hospital. A preliminary investigation showed the shooting happened after an argument occurred between a group of people.

Police were later dispatched to a reported drive-by shooting, finding two women who had suffered from gunshot wounds. A third victim later showed up at an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Seven minutes after responding to the drive-by incident, police say gunfire broke out a few blocks away from that location, and two men with non-life-threatening injuries were dropped off at a nearby hospital. Around the same time, two other men with gunshot wounds were dropped off at another hospital.

Earlier in the day, police also responded to a shooting that resulted in an hourslong standoff between the suspect and officers.

Police also responded to a separate incident involving a stabbing early morning Wednesday, with the victim telling police he didn’t know what had happened and that he woke up to injuries.

No arrests were announced in any of the Tuesday shootings. Minneapolis saw 26 shootings between June 1-12 involving 23 adults and three juveniles. Three of them were fatal.

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