MSNBC’s Jason Johnson: Biden Trying to Win Nom with ‘Obama Mask’

MSNBC pundit Jason Johnson described this seven days that preceding Vice President Joe Biden just are unable to obtain the nomination by just placing on “this Obama mask” and visualize that will be enough to win party’s important black voters.

The Root’s political editor uncovered that Biden did not go to preceding weekend’s Essence Fest—“one of the greatest collections of African-American girls of all lessons, stages, and training sizes”—and argued that he just are unable to just get the black vote for granted.

“He can’t place on this Obama mask and assume that that’s likely to enable him to skirt through,” Johnson stated, pointing out that African-American females characterize the party’s “backbone,” mainly when it will come to “turnout, curiosity, enthusiasm.”

Biden apologized for praising segregationist senators over weekend but reporters badgered him about no matter if his continual identify-checking of former President Barack Obama is a “sign of weakness” and an indicator that Biden just are unable to stand on his extremely very own feet.

Biden generally replied: “I say let’s converse about the long run as an alternative of speaking about the previous.”

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