Mystery Surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Island and ‘Security Boxes’ in Rooms No One Could Enter

Jeffrey Epstein

Billionaire intercourse trafficker Jeffrey Epstein reportedly had a steel safes in rooms on his personal island that no one particular was permitted to enter.

Epstein was lately arrested on fees of intercourse trafficking of minors and mystery surrounding his wealth and personal islands are as soon as once more in the spotlight.

The Florida billionaire acquired an exorbitant quantity of wealth and Wall Street insiders and cash managers nevertheless are not clear what Epstein’s corporations entailed.

Epstein owned two personal islands, personal jets and pricey properties in New York, Florida and New Mexico, to identify a number of.

A former employee on St. James Island informed Bloomberg that Epstein had two safety boxes in two rooms that was so secretive, men and women weren’t even permitted to enter the rooms.

The FBI must be capable to request a judge for entry to the rooms and the safety boxes due to the fact it seems there is a lot more than just cash in these rooms.

Bloomberg reported:

The crew of groundskeepers and other staff sported black or white polo shirts when the master was in residence — and darted away when they spied him. The former worker mentioned they had to obey one particular ironclad rule: Epstein could in no way catch sight of them.

Amid the other oddities of getting employed there, the former staffer mentioned, was Epstein’s curiosity in “pirate treasure.” Not gold doubloons, but outdated rum bottles and crockery that staff would come across. If you located an outdated rum bottle, Epstein would spend $100 for it. An unbroken plate was really worth $one,000. A broken plate, as prolonged as it was a lot more than half intact, would fetch $500.

The only uncommon factor of the major residence the former employee mentioned he was conscious of had been the safety boxes in two offices. The degree of secrecy close to a steel risk-free in Epstein’s workplace, in individual, recommended it contained a great deal a lot more than just cash, he mentioned. Outdoors of an occasional check out by a housekeeper, no one particular was permitted in these rooms.

Right here is a photograph of a bizarre temple with a gold roof on Epstein’s island:

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