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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

NYC opens more COVID-19 testing sites to shorten lines before Thanksgiving

The city opened 25 extra COVID-19 testing sites on Wednesday to help shrink hours-long lines ahead of Thanksgiving, officials said.

“New York City: we heard you! More test sites, shorter lines,” Jackie Bray, a member of the city’s COVID-19 response team, tweeted. “We’ve got 25 new test sites open today.”

A flier posted along with Bray’s announcement promised, “More testing!” and “Shorter lines!”

The extra NYC Health + Hospitals-run locations were set up in all five boroughs, including at the Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics, Long Island City High School and Sunset Park High School.

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Although New Yorkers are advised to stay home for Turkey Day, thousands of people have flocked to testing sites to get get COVID-19 test before traveling and feasting with family.

The rush to test negative has caused queues with wait times of up to seven hours — even sparking a mini-cottage industry of paid line-sitters. — at private clinics like CityMD.

Some people who were tested at the new city-run sites Wednesday gave their thumbs up.

“I just got a PCR test done at [Long Island City] HS… I was in & out in 10 minutes and there’s no line. They’re open until 1pm and will get you your results within 24-48hrs. No appointment needed, come through!” tweeted Assemblymember-elect for AD 36 Zohran Kwame Mamdani.

“It was really easy. There was no line,” 26-year-old Kay-Anne Reed, who got a self-test Penn Station, told Gothamist.

She said the whole process, which involved swabbing her own nostrils, took about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, one observer reported 116 people in line outside a private CityMD clinic in Brooklyn Heights Wednesday morning.

City-run testing sites will be closed Thursday for Thanksgiving, but will reopen Friday, according to H+H.

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