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The text messages which Fox Information host and contributor Tryus sent to his co-host, Brit McHenry, have now been exposed and they are horrible:

HUFFPOST – Tyrus, a Fox Information contributor and a host on the network’s membership streaming companies, Fox Nation, despatched lewd and inappropriate textual information messages to his now-preceding Fox Nation co-host, Britt McHenry, in accordance to 4 assets acquainted with the texts’ contents.

The messages, which have not beforehand been claimed, consist of texts in which Tyrus stated to McHenry: “Just pull your boobs out now why never you. Just grin and bare it” and “keep getting adverse and I’ll send you a further dick pic.”

In June, The Day-to-day Beast described that Tyrus was pulled off the present he co-hosted with McHenry, quickly just after McHenry complained to the network about him.

In a 2nd tale, The Daily Beast mentioned that McHenry’s grievance integrated a declare of sexual harassment versus Tyrus.

Involving November 2018 and January 2019, Tyrus despatched texts like this 1 to McHenry: “I love the truth your normally performing if we ever experienced intercourse I come to feel like soon after an orgazzum you say speaking of feeling good did see the story on the puppy rescue we should do a section on it hand me my cellular phone.”

In response to this textual information message, McHenry replied “Hahahaha.” (Gals who provide with harassment in any kind regularly employ humor as a way to modify the topic matter.)

In response to other inappropriate text messages, McHenry shifted the discussion to other subjects.

To connect with these textual information messages ‘inappropriate’ does not actually do them justice. This is blatant sexual harassment and to be real, I’m shocked he nonetheless performs there.

McHenry complained to the local community once again in April and as a end result Tyrus was pulled from their present, “UN-PC”, and he was provided his possess show recognized as ‘NuffSaid’.

There is reportedly an investigation heading on into this by FOX, but Fox Data will not comment on it and neither will McHenry or her attorneys.

In condition you have ignored who McHenry is, she’s the lady who was fired from ESPN just after that brutally catty and abusive rant from a towing organization worker in 2015. She’s no peach, but she does not deserve to be sexually harassed.

I suspect that now these textual information messages have seem to light, Tyrus will not be with the network significantly extended.

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