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Rabbi Gives Incredible Eulogy for Rush Limbaugh and Prayer for America’s Future

The death of conservative talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday was a tragedy for our nation. Limbaugh was a strong advocate for the importance of traditional American values, and he impacted countless lives with his radio programming.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero knew what an important man Limbaugh was, and he delivered a powerful eulogy and prayer Friday on Steve Bannon’s “War Room: Pandemic.”

“Father of mercy, we come to you today with a heavy heart, sad, with ache and void,” he said.

“We have lost a longtime friend, Rush Limbaugh, a man who believed in us as Americans; a champion and cheerleader for America and its founding,” he said.

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“Someone who expressed for us, three hours a day, the deep thoughts and personal emotions that make us who we are, doing so with a voice and pinpoint vocabulary and passion unmatched in our generation.

“He brought us together wherever we were each day as a family of patriots. He sat with us at the head of the table.”

Limbaugh believed in discussion and debate. He was a key player in the advent of an alternative media that would rival the liberal voices on national news channels.

“Limbaugh’s groundbreaking, syndicated radio program demonstrated — long before the advent of social media — that it was possible to raise an alternative voice to the mainstream news, a voice independent of TV conglomerates and gatekeepers,” Bob Vander Plaats said in a USA Today opinion article.

Can Rush Limbaugh’s view of America be achieved?

At the time of his death, a large group of people have emerged who wish to shut down the very discussion that Limbaugh spent most of his career advocating for.

Spero said it is up to Americans today to stop that from happening.

“Who will replace him?” he asked. “We will. All of us who believe in America, God, country, family, faith, fair play, common-sense reasoning — those proud to be called Americans.”

As citizens of the freest country ever to exist, every one of us should be proud to be an American. Unfortunately, that patriotism has fallen by the wayside for many on the left.

Instead of acknowledging how great our country truly is, the radical faction of the Democratic Party has attempted to tear down the very foundations of our freedom. Using the label of “systemic racism,” they have argued that we must completely destroy our political system.

Make no mistake — these people are extremely dangerous to America. Spero acknowledged this as well.

“We have witnessed betrayal from political and judicial officeholders who are not putting America first,” he said Friday. “Some are even an enemy from within.”

Spero then referenced Psalm 23 as a beacon of hope. Even in the darkest of times, God is there to guide us through.

This is undoubtedly a dark time. Limbaugh was an incredible example not only of a patriot but also a man who strongly believed in biblical values.

Yet this tragedy will not provide us a respite from those who wish to destroy America. In fact, some of these radical leftists used Limbaugh’s death to paint anyone who believes in America’s greatness as evil racists.

“Rush Limbaugh was a despicable racist,” supposed pastor Talbert Swan said Wednesday on Twitter.

“He was a vile, repugnant, white supremacist who denigrated Black people, mocked those dying of AIDS and other diseases, and stoked the flames of bigotry and hatred. Our country has lost one of its most wicked voices. Praise God.”

In reality, Limbaugh was not any of these things. However, his mere belief in the founding principles of our country has caused radicals like Swan to lie and attempt to tarnish his legacy.

The hatred of these radicals does not begin or end with Limbaugh. It extends to every American who refuses to accept their warped view of the country.

In conclusion, Spero confidently said these people will not overtake our country.

“America will once again overflow with goodness, strength, liberty, prosperity and devotion to our Constitution,” he said.

“We, together with God, shall make this possibility — yea, this probability — happen.”

Rush Limbaugh laid the groundwork for such a version of America. It is now up to us to carry on his legacy.

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