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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Rep.: ‘Impeachment Show Extravaganza’ Brought to You by Censors in Liberal Media, Big Tech and Democrat Party

Rep. Doug LaMalfa


A second impeachment of President Donald Trump “isn’t about a threat to our republic,” it’s about Democrats’ “unbridled hatred” of the things Trump has fought for, Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-Calif.) said Wednesday in a one-minute speech on the House floor prior to the vote to impeach.

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LaMalfa began by likening the House vote on Trump’s impeachment to a theatrical production put on by free-speech censors in the media, Big Tech and the Democrat Party:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Second Annual Impeachment Show Extravaganza, brought to you by the censors of left-wing media, the fact-check ministers of shut-down in Big Tech and the Democrat Party.”

But, impeachment is nothing but a pretense, because the real reason for putting on the show is that Democrats hate what Trump has tried to accomplish as president, LaMalfa said:

“Today, the second annual impeachment of President Trump isn’t really about actual words spoken at a rally.

“No, this is all about, Madam Speaker, the unbridled hatred of this president. You use any extreme language and any process to oppose the core of what he has really fought for.”

The congressman then listed seven reasons Democrats have such passionate hatred for Pres. Trump, ranging from his pro-life efforts to his desire to put America first:

1.       “You hate him because he is pro-life, strongest ever.

2.       “You hate him for fighting for the freedom of our religions, to not be persecuted by unfair mandates and limitations on speech.

3.       “You hate him for not subscribing to shackle us with the religion of climate change and one-sided Paris Accord.

4.       “You hate him for Israel.

5.       “You hate him for defending our borders.

6.       “You hate him for letting families and small business keep what they earn and for trying to keep the agents of government off their back.

7.       “You hate him for putting America first – which is what I thought we do when we swear the oath.”

“No, this shabby show isn’t about a threat to our republic. This is impeachment and muting of at least half the American people. This is shameful and abuse of a process,” Rep. LaMalta closed, calling on all Americans to “wake up” and put an end to the abuse:

“Madam Speaker, I pray people of all stripes wake up to this spectacle and exercise their rights to put a stop to it, through free speech and through fair elections. I yield back.”

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