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Rep. Jim Jordan to Newsmax TV: Democrats Taking Us to ‘Scary’ Place

Democrats’ attempts to silence conservative news networks is “scary,” according to Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, on Newsmax TV.

In an appearance on Tuesday’s “Stinchfield,” Jordan was asked about two Democrat lawmakers who sent letters to cable, satellite, and streaming providers pressing the companies about why they allowed conservative news programs on their platforms.

“If Republicans wrote a letter and said we think MSNBC should be canceled, or CNN should be canceled, after all, they engaged in conspiracy theories for four years about the whole Russia hoax, about the attacks on President [Donald] Trump. If we did that — we never would, we actually believe in the First Amendment — but if we did that, can you imagine what the left would do?” Jordan asked host Grant Stinchfield.

“But that’s exactly what they did going after Newsmax, going after Fox, going after One America News, it is scary where they want to take us.”

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Jordan warned the cancel culture will not stop with the right.

“This won’t stop with conservatives,” he said. “The target right now is conservatives and Republicans, but the appetite of the cancel culture mob is never satisfied. They will go after everyone else as well.”

That sentiment was something Jordan mentioned more than a month ago during the debate on whether Trump should be impeached for inciting a mob to riot at the Capitol.

“It took all of 13 days for me to be proven right when the San Francisco school board said that Dianne Feinstein Elementary School will no longer be named after Sen. [Dianne] Feinstein[D-Calif.] because 37 years ago she said something that the woke mob doesn’t like,” Jordan said. “That is frightening. If liberal icon Sen. Feinstein’s not good enough for ’em, who is?”

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