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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Rep. Nunes Worried Biden Will Shut Down Durham Investigation

Rep. Devin Nunes said he is concerned that Joe Biden may shut down U.S. Attorney John Durham’s probe into the Russia investigation if he becomes the next president.

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” the Republican lawmaker from California told host Maria Bartiromo that Attorney General William Barr should set up a special counsel before Inauguration Day to ensure the investigation keeps going.

Durham is looking into the origins of how the FBI’s Russia inquiry began. So far, he has obtained one guilty plea from a former FBI lawyer.

“Now we’re sitting waiting for Durham to complete this investigation,” he said. “I think people are getting not only very frustrated but also, there’s a growing concern that Durham is not going to come out with anything and then Biden and Obama are going to be back in, and they’re going to shut this investigation off,” Nunes said.

Nunes pointed out that former President Barack Obama moved just about a mile away from the White House once his second term ended. He alleged that Obama “set up shop” and was helping Sen. Kamala Harris during the Democratic Party presidential primaries until she “bombed out” and he began supporting Biden.

Nunes said it is critical that Barr appoint a special counsel.

“I’ve been very clear about this,” he said. “Every day that ticks by, it’s going to become an absolute necessity that a special counsel is appointed on the way out. Now that doesn’t mean that Biden wouldn’t fire the special counsel, but at least you’d have a special counsel office set up, with money, so that this investigation can continue, because I’m not seeing the indictments that I should be seeing when you take into the account that I’ve made 14 criminal referrals involving dozens and dozens of people.”

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