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Sunday, January 17, 2021

“Republicans Cannot Be This Dumb” Liz Cheney Met With Scathing Backlash Over Impeachment Vote

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Some Republicans in Congress are so completely and wildly out of touch with the new Republican base that they actually thought that supporting the President’s second impeachment was going to work out well for them.

Certain Republicans care more about kowtowing to and appeasing the rabid Democrats than they do about the very people that voted for them.

House Rep. Liz Cheney is about to find out just how badly she has ruined her future with her support of impeaching President Trump.

There is no way her voters in Wyoming were applauding her announcement to support the impeachment efforts. Yet, she, like so many others in Washington, seems to have forgotten that she is supposed to represent the will of the people who voted for her.

Cheney, the daughter of warmongering neocon, former Vice President Dick Cheney, used the storming of the Capitol last week as her justification for supporting the impeachment.

In a statement she blamed the entire ordeal on the President and said that “None of this would have happened without the President.” She also claimed that “There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution.”

She declared in her statement “I will vote to impeach.” And vote to impeach she did.

It’s hard to believe any Republican could say these things with a straight face. No doubt her inbox was full of messages from constituents back home who were less than enthusiastic about her stance.

She might as well have vowed to destroy her own career as well. The backlash on social media to her actions have been intense. We can only imagine how voters she is supposed to represent in Wyoming feel.

Conservatives need to mobilize now and get serious candidates in place for the 2022 primaries. It’s time to make a serious effort to rid the party of these RINOs. Cheney needs to be ousted along with the other 9 House members who also voted in favor of impeachment.

The best part is that Democrats are so completely and utterly clueless about what conservatives believe in and stand for that they actually think Cheney has catapulted herself to the top of the list of possible Republican presidential candidates in 2024.

Cheney has a better chance of her political career surviving by changing the R after her name to a D but Wyoming is not a blue state by any stretch of the imagination. She might want to consider moving somewhere like New York, Virginia, or California if she hopes to stay in politics.

Fellow House Republicans are already calling for her resignation as a leader within the party.

Liz Cheney’s career is over. She is toast. She might as well go all-in with the Democrats because after voting to impeach President Trump with 8 days left in his term, there’s no going back now.

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