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Friday, February 26, 2021

Rev. Franklin Graham Shares Late Father’s Video: ‘That Is Hell…You Are Living in Hell Now’

Rev. Billy Graham


On Thursday, Rev. Franklin Graham tweeted video of his father, the late, renowned evangelical Baptist Minister Billy Graham, describing how some people are experiencing Hell here on Earth, in this life.

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“That is Hell—to be separated from God…and some of you are living in Hell now because you’re separated from God,” Rev. Graham tweeted, quoting his father and introducing the clip.

In the video, Rev. Billy Graham cites various descriptions of Hell provided in the Bible:

“Hell is called in the Bible many names:

“It’s called the horrible tempest in Psalm 11,

“It’s called a place of sorrows in Psalm 18,

“It’s called the place of wailing in Matthew 13,

“It’s called the place of weeping in Matthew 8,

“It’s called the place of torment in Luke 16,

“It’s called the place of outer darkness in Matthew 8,

“In Revelation 20:15, it’s called the lake of fire.”

“Whatever all those things mean, it’s terrible,” Graham said.

“It’ll be separation from God – that is Hell, to be separated from God,” Graham explains.

“And some of you are living in Hell now” in this life – not because of worldly cares, but because of separation from God, Rev. Graham concluded:

“And you can have Hell on this Earth. And some of you are living in Hell now, because you are separated from God. The problem with you is not your wife, it’s not your husband, it’s not your business, it’s not your children. It’s the separation from God.

“God loves you. He’s there, to help you, every day. He died on the cross for you, because he loved you.”

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