Rumors Swirling that One of Epstein’s Underage Prostitutes Has Provided Damaging Information on Epstein’s Friends and Accomplices!

The World-wide-web is on fire!  Rumors are swirling that a lady who was the moment an underage prostitute for Jeffrey Epstein is now a government informant who is outing Epstein’s sick buddies and accomplices.  Yes, this consists of Bill Clinton.

(In the cover image over, a younger Rachel Chandler is reportedly on one particular of Jeffrey Epstein’s flights with former President Bill Clinton.)

A lady by the identify of Rachel Chandler is suspected of currently being a witness to Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes on his “Orgy Island” with this sick buddies.  The younger lady may perhaps have devastating info that has been handed in excess of to the government.

The story goes that the younger Chandler was recruited by Jeffrey Epstein’s pal or madam as some refer to her, Ghislaine Maxwell.  Maxwell supposedly recruited younger women who then flew on Epstein’s airplanes with the wealthy and well known who in flip employed and abused these younger girls.

Maxwell is reportedly in the background in the image beneath with a younger Ms. Virginia Roberts and UK’s Prince Andrew –

Chandler and Roberts have been each reportedly younger beneath age girls recruited by Jeffrey Epstein to prostitute themselves for Epstein’s wealthy and well known buddies.

Chandler has shared photographs of herself with lots of celebrities and politicians.

Right here she is with Eminem –

Right here she is with Paris Hilton –

Right here she is with Prince Andrew (yes, the identical Prince Andrew as over.) –

Right here she is with American Gigolo Richard Gere –

1 publish of Chandlers has led to far more queries than the some others.  Some speculate that the image beneath is a image of Epstein’s island protection cam –

No doubt there is a great deal of proof tying Ms. Chandler to Epstein and the wealthy and well known.  If she is a witness for the government, Epstein, Clinton and some others may perhaps be in a great deal of problems!

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