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Friday, February 26, 2021

Rush Limbaugh: No daily talk show for Donald Trump following presidency

Rush Limbaugh told radio listeners Friday to let go of the possibility of President Trump hosting a show like his.

“I guarantee you one thing that isn’t gonna happen: Trump is not going to have a daily show,” the conservative media personality said on his long-running radio program, “The Rush Limbaugh Show.”

Mr. Limbaugh, 70, whom Mr. Trump awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom last year, proceeded to explain he was certain the other could not commit to the rigid schedule required to host such a show.

“It’s too big a restriction on freedom,” said Mr. Limbaugh. “Do you realize I have to be here every day at the exact time? Can’t be a second late, can’t be 30 minutes late. Can’t ever go to lunch. There’s no way. Donald Trump is not gonna hem his life in that way. He’s not gonna do a daily show even if it was only for an hour. He isn’t gonna do it. There’s one day he’s gonna wake up, want to play golf. ‘Sorry. I’m not doing the thing.’ It would bomb because you’ve got to be there every day that you can.”

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Mr. Limbaugh previously said after receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, that he believes Mr. Trump is probably “one of the few” who could fill his shoes.

President-elect Joseph R. Biden is set to be sworn in on Wednesday to succeed Mr. Trump, who has not made clear what plans he will pursue after office.

Democrats could potentially keep Mr. Trump from continuing any career in politics, however. Members of the U.S. House of Representatives impeached him on Wednesday for inciting an insurrection the week before, and some in the Senate have discussed voting to prohibit him from holding elected office again should he be judged guilty on the impeachment charge.


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