Scammers are sending out fake IRS letters to taxpayers demanding money — here’s how to spot a fraud

blank - Scammers are sending out fake IRS letters to taxpayers demanding money — here's how to spot a fraud

avoid tax mail scam

  • The IRS has warned taxpayers about a scam in which letters are remaining mailed to taxpayers from a fake company referred to as the “Bureau of Tax Enforcement” demanding fast payments. Some even mention the IRS.
  • A tax attorney says any respectable IRS letter or recognize will have an official seal and a recognize or letter variety, amongst other distinguishing markers.
  • If you establish your letter or recognize from the IRS is serious, never disregard it.
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The IRS prefers to get in touch with taxpayers by means of snail mail, and scammers know it. 

The Inner Income Support is in the thick of correspondence season, reported tax attorney Kelly Phillips Erb for Forbes. It truly is the time period when the company sends out letters, typically via the US Postal Service, requesting late payments and notifying taxpayers of mistakes on their returns.

But just mainly because you acquire a formal-on the lookout piece of mail about your taxes does not imply you ought to consider it as reality. The greatest way to assure you never finish up a victim of fraud is to stay vigilant and skeptical, in the course of and following tax season.

Earlier this summer season, the IRS warned taxpayers about a common scam in which fraudsters mail letters to taxpayers from a non-existent group referred to as the “Bureau of Tax Enforcement” requesting fast payments. Some letters even mention the IRS and may possibly include things like factual tax info.


“That’s scary for taxpayers because it feels legitimate, but keep in mind that some tax-related information, like liens that have been filed against taxpayers, may be available to the public,” Phillips Erb wrote. “Don’t be frightened into giving up cash or personal information just because a scammer knows one or two facts about you.”

In accordance to Phillips Erb, a serious letter from the IRS will have a number of distinguishing markers, this kind of as an official IRS seal, a recognize or letter variety in the major appropriate corner of the paper, info about your rights as a taxpayer, and a cellphone variety to make contact with the IRS immediately. Possibly most telling, if the letter is asking for a present card, money, or test to be sent to any particular person or organization other than the US Treasury, it truly is fraudulent.

You can constantly verify the validity of an IRS recognize or letter by making or logging into an present account on the IRS site, or calling the company immediately. If you establish the letter or recognize is respectable and is requesting you both verify a alter, present info, or make a payment, never disregard it.

“The worst thing someone can do when an IRS notice comes is nothing,” Nina Olson, a tax attorney and the former Nationwide Taxpayer Advocate, lately told the Wall Street Journal. “Take it from me: If you get a letter, call the IRS. If the agency doesn’t agree with you, find out your rights. If you don’t act, they can ramp up enforcement.”

You ought to constantly report IRS-relevant phishing attempts and fraud to the Treasury Inspector Basic at 800-366-4484 or [email protected]

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