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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Sen. Cotton: Biden Team Will Return Obama’s ‘Disastrous’ Policies

Joe Biden’s foreign policy team “sounds a lot” like it will return the Obama administration’s foreign policy that had “disastrous consequences” for the United States, Sen. Tom Cotton said Wednesday.

“(In) Barack Obama’s memoir, he says a lot of these people were responsible, for instance, for advising him to go to war in Libya,” the Arkansas Republican said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends,” pointing out that the war in Libya is now in its 10th year. 

“Look at ISIS,” he added. “The rise of ISIS happened after Barack Obama rushed us out of Iraq. This is the same group that said you could never have a separate peace between Israel and Arab nations without resolving the Palestinian question.”

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has brokered so many peace deals between Iran and Arab nations that “it’s hard to keep track of them,” said Cotton.  

In addition, people like Jake Sullivan, Biden’s pick for national security adviser, have said the rise of China should be celebrated, said Cotton. 

“It was on the watch of so many of these nominees that China literally built islands out of water in the South China Sea and militarized them for extending missiles and ships,” said Cotton. 

Cotton also said he has an issue with Biden’s comments during an NBC News interview Tuesday that he plans to submit an amnesty bill for 15 million illegal immigrants within the first 100 days after taking office. 

“That’s probably going to unleash a surge on our border to get in,” said Cotton. “Look what Tony Blinken has said, that the State Department is responsible for refugees. Tony Blinken wants to increase admissions by sevenfold … oftentimes from countries like Syria or like Somalia where we have no ability to vet who these people are or what their backgrounds are.”

Cotton also on Wednesday talked about the upcoming Georgia runoff elections, saying it’s important that the two Republican candidates, Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are reelected. 

“I don’t think many Georgia voters want Chuck Schumer ‘taking their state’ and I know that they don’t want his kind of change for America, but that’s the stakes of this election in Georgia,” said Cotton. 

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