‘Squad Queen’ AOC Just Spoke For You – Says You Won’t Be ‘Heartbroken’ If You Lose Private Insurance

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been owning a a number of rough occasions. A a number of hard months, if you query me.

The self-proclaimed “Democratic socialist” would like to make considerable everyday daily life choices for you.

She would like to get rid of air journey, picking out how you get about for you. She requirements to impose stringent environmental laws, choosing how you get vitality, meals, and housing.

Now she wishes to come to a determination how you get skilled health-related care. Her aid of “Medicare for All” would do away with your non-public wellness and fitness insurance coverage.

You’d have to get wellbeing remedy from the govt. Image how terrible that would be.

And when individuals protested, AOC in fact spoke for you.

From Fox Data:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., stated on Wednesday no individual is “heartbroken” by the prospect of shedding their personal wellness insurance coverage policy if Medicare for All had been becoming to be implemented…

Excuse me miss AOC…

How can you say none of us would be “heartbroken” if our personal insurance—which will conserve lives—would be taken absent and altered with government-operate wellness and fitness care?

No individual would be heartbroken to have to get wellness remedy from the exact same individuals who run the DMV and place up workplace atmosphere?

None of us would be heartbroken to have to wait all over months at occasions to see a health-related skilled?

Why wouldn’t we be heartbroken to see taxes go up sky-superior or to get rid of jobs because of the substantial strain of your $40 trillion technique?

All of that would very likely happen—and more—should AOC’s horrible Medicare for All be spot into end result.

Request the guys and girls in Europe if they like their ideas. Inquire the men and women from socialist worldwide places in South America—who are fleeing to the U.S. suitable now—if they favored their wellness and fitness coverage.

In my view the really ideal way to make wellness care far a lot more fairly priced is by generating rivals by suggests of the entirely cost-free business. Medicare for all is probable the death of that.

So the concern is, does AOC speak for you?


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