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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The Ben Shapiro Politico controversy shows how liberal journalists try silencing conservative views

Politico’s “Playbook” is closely followed by journalists and congressional staffers in Washington, D.C., so the mini outrage over conservative podcaster Ben Shapiro being chosen to author the newsletter for one time is likely confined to just those people. But the incident nonetheless re-illustrates the truth that the liberals who control, or at least attempt to control, popular channels of communications really can’t take hearing conservatives talk.

They’d much rather tell you about conservatives than permit a right-leaning person to appear in their space to explain their own positions themselves.

Politico, in recent days, has been publishing its daily tipsheet with a different writer authoring each edition. On Thursday, it was Shapiro, the popular conservative personality. Shapiro is known for being ambivalent toward President Trump but gleefully confrontational in opposing the Left.

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Liberal journalists took to social media with haste to criticize Politico for daring to “allow” Shapiro the platform. Aside from simply existing, Shapiro’s most noted offense was explaining why he believed the vast majority of congressional Republicans did not vote in favor of impeaching Trump this week.

“Opposition to impeachment comes from a deep and abiding conservative belief that members of the opposing political tribe want their destruction, not simply to punish Trump for his behavior,” wrote Shapiro, citing unnamed “Republican sources” of his own. “Republicans believe that Democrats and the overwhelmingly liberal media see impeachment as an attempt to cudgel them collectively by lumping them in with the Capitol rioters thanks to their support for Trump.”

For starters, he’s right. That’s why Republicans did and should have opposed impeachment, among other valid reasons. But liberal journalists don’t believe Republicans deserve the right to defend themselves on most things. This is especially true of the impeachment, as it related to the rioting Trump supporters last week on Capitol Hill.

They believe there is only one side to this story, and it is that Trump deserved impeachment, and anyone who says otherwise is not just wrong but inherently bad.

Liberal journalists would say it’s a matter of acceptable discourse, but no, it’s not. Shapiro said nothing inflammatory. The issue is ideological. They believe one side of the political spectrum to be legitimate, and the other should be given as few opportunities to have their opinions heard as possible.

Liberal MSNBC host Chris Hayes authored a past edition of “Playbook.” They also commissioned one from White House reporter Yamiche Alcindore, who wrote in her edition that Trump “fought, lied and argued his way into the Oval Office with grievance politics, [and] racist rhetoric.”

That, apparently, is a middle-of-the-road, mainstream opinion, as liberals view it. Shapiro, however, explaining the 100% real reason why many or most Republicans opposed the second round of impeachment? Nah!

Fortunately, the editors at Politico have thus far stood by their decision having Shapiro contribute to “Playbook.” Good for them. That’s rare.

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