The Future Of The Spectacle… Or How The West Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Reality Police

blank - The Future Of The Spectacle... Or How The West Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Reality Police

Authored (satirically) by CJ Hopkins by using,

If you want a vision of the long term, do not consider “a boot stamping on a human facial area — for ever,” as Orwell advised in 1984. Instead, think about that human facial area staring mesmerized into the display screen of some variety of nifty futuristic machine on which each individual word, audio, and graphic has been algorithmically authorised for usage by the Defense State-of-the-art Investigation Projects Agency (“DARPA”) and its “innovation ecosystem” of “academic, company, and governmental associates.”

The Future Of The Spectacle... Or How The West Learned - The Future Of The Spectacle... Or How The West Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Reality Police

The display of this futuristic product will provide a just about endless range of “non-divisive” and “hate-free” content, none of which will falsify or distort the “truth,” or in any way deviate from “reality.”

Western buyers will last but not least be free of charge to delight in an assortment of information, belief, amusement, and educational material (like this Guardian podcast about a guy who gave delivery, or MSNBC’s most current bombshell about Donald Trump’s top secret Russian oligarch backers) without owning their pleasure entirely ruined by discord-sowing different journalists like Aaron Maté or satirists like myself.

“Fake news” will not surface on this screen. All the news will be “authentic.” DARPA and its partners will see to that. You won’t have to stress about staying “affected” by Russians, Nazis, conspiracy theorists, socialists, populists, extremists, or whomever.

Persons of Destructive Intent will nonetheless be equipped to write-up their material (mainly because of “freedom of speech” and all that things), but they will do so down in the sewers of the Internet exactly where typical shoppers won’t have to see it.

Anyone who ventures down there seeking for it (i.e., such “divisive” and “polarizing” material) will be instantly put on an official DARPA watchlist for “potential extremists,” or “potential white supremacists,” or “potential Russians.”

As soon as that takes place, their life will be around (ie, the life of the probably extremist fools who have logged onto whatsoever dark website system will nonetheless be putting up essays like this, not the lives of the People of Destructive Intent, who by no means had any life to start off with, and who by that time will probably be functioning out of some intensely armed, off-the-grid compound in Idaho).

Their faculties, businesses, and landlords will be notified. Their pics and addresses will be published on line. Any one who ever reported two phrases to them (or, God support them, seems in a photograph with them) will have 24 several hours to publicly denounce them, or be placed on DARPA’s watchlist them selves.

Meanwhile, up in which the air is clear, Western individuals will sit in their cubicles, or stagger blindly down the sidewalk like zombies, or appear barrel-assing at you on their pink corporate scooters, staring down at the screens of their equipment, exactly where normal fact will be unfolding.

They will stare at their screens at their supper tables, in places to eat, in bed, and in all places else. Every waking hour of their lives will be put in consuming the all-consuming, smiley, satisfied, worldwide capitalist Spectacle, each individual empty moment of which will be monitored and pre-authorised by DARPA.

What a reduction that will lastly be, not to have to concern just about anything, or ponder what is actual and what is not.

When the company media inform us the Russians hacked an election,…or the Vermont power grid, …or are blackmailing the president with an FSB pee-tape,

…or that the non-corporate media are all “propaganda peddlers,”

…or that the Labour Get together is a hive of anti-Semites,

…or that some boogeyman has WMDs, or is yanking tiny toddlers out of their incubators, or gratuitously gassing them, or attacking us with crickets,

…or that someone secretly satisfied with Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy,

…or that we’re remaining attacked by Russian spy whales, and suddenly self-radicalized Nazi terrorists,

…or it’s time for the “International Community” to humanitarianly intervene because “our dwelling is burning,” and our earth is on fire, and there are “focus camps,” and a “coup in Great Britain”…

…or what ever ass-puckering apocalyptic stress the international capitalist ruling courses identify they want to foment that day, we will know that this news has been algorithmically vetted and permitted by DARPA and its corporate, educational, and governing administration companions, and thus, is unquestionably “real” and “true,” or we wouldn’t be looking at it on the screen of our equipment.

If you assume this eyesight is science fiction, or dystopian satire, consider yet again. Or read this new posting in Bloomberg, “U.S. Unleashes Armed forces to Combat Fake News, Disinformation.”

Here’s the lede to get you started off …

Fake news and social media posts are these a danger to U.S. safety that the Defense Office is launching a venture to repel ‘large-scale, automatic disinformation attacks’…the Protection Highly developed Investigation Initiatives Company (DARPA) would like custom software that can unearth fakes hidden between far more than 500,000 stories, pictures, video and audio clips. If profitable, the method right after 4 decades of trials could broaden to detect malicious intent and prevent viral phony news from polarizing society…”

What could be additional reassuring than the awareness that DARPA and its corporate companions will be scanning the full Web for content material developed with “malicious intent,” or which has the potential to “polarize” society, and building absolutely sure we never ever see that stuff? If they just can’t do it, I do not know who can.

They created the Net, after all.

I’m not accurately positive how they did it, but Yasha Levine wrote a ebook about it, which I assume we’re still technically allowed to read through.

In any case, according to the Bloomberg post, DARPA and its corporate associates will not have the program up and running in time for the 2020 elections, so the Putin-Nazis will in all probability win again.

Which indicates we are looking at 4 a lot more decades of relentless Russia and fascism hysteria, and bogus information and divisive information hysteria, and anti-Semitism and racism hysteria, and … effectively, essentially, normal apocalyptic worry in excess of nearly anything and every thing you can maybe feel of.

Believe that me, I know, that prospect is exhausting … but the world-wide capitalist ruling classes want to keep every person whipped up into a shrieking apoplectic frenzy above just about anything other than global capitalism until they can get the War on Populism and globally put into action the New Normality, soon after which the actually really serious reality policing can eventually get started.

I do not know, call me outrageous, or a Human being of Malicious Intent, but I feel I’d choose that boot in the deal with.

The Future Of The Spectacle... Or How The West Learned - The Future Of The Spectacle... Or How The West Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Reality Police

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