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Saturday, November 28, 2020

The UN botched the pandemic. Now, it’s pushing abortion in national aid packages

The United Nations never misses an opportunity to abandon its stated goals and pursue left-wing progressive policies worldwide. The organization’s latest gambit is to push for abortion in coronavirus aid packages.

The United States asked the U.N. in May to drop abortion from its pandemic response plan. The U.N. responded by withdrawing the plan altogether rather than resolving the disagreement. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization put together a $7.25 million plan to aid Ecuador, which has been hit hard by the pandemic, that would require the country to allow “safe, legal abortion” — in conflict with Ecuadorian law.

Ecuador, a country that is 80% Catholic, affirmed its status as a pro-life country as recently as last year, when the legislature voted down a liberalization of the nation’s abortion laws. The WHO has now decided to extort the country by conditioning much-needed coronavirus aid on an even more expansive abortion regime than the one legislators rejected last year, a clear affront to Ecuador’s national sovereignty.

The U.S. has called on the U.N. to drop abortion as an international human right before, and the U.N. keeps disingenuously rejecting the claim that they’re using the coronavirus to push for abortion. But it’s right there in plain Spanish on page 22 of the WHO’s aid plan for Ecuador. The U.N. Population Fund, which is responsible for handling coronavirus actions around pregnancy, also touts access to “sexual and reproductive health services,” which is more U.N. code language for abortion.

The U.N. already exacerbated the pandemic by serving as the Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpiece and downplaying the severity of the virus. Now, much like the CCP, it’s using the pandemic to advance its own agenda at the expense of other nations’ sovereignty and the health of their citizens who desperately need the aid.

The U.N. has consistently shown itself to be bad for freedom, bad for world health, and bad for human rights. This is another great argument for scrapping it and starting over from scratch — with a setup that doesn’t empower totalitarians and would-be central planners to run wild while exploiting crises in countries that dare to resist the sacrament of abortion.

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