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Thursday, January 21, 2021

They’re only canceling extremists. But wait until you see their definition of extremist

They’re only going after the alt-right, the KKK, and people guilty of sedition. But they also think that anyone slightly conservative is the alt-right and that everyone who voted for President Trump is allied with the KKK.

This very day, there is mockery and head-shaking among the liberal media at the notion that there is a scary cancel campaign by the Left that will lead to all sorts of right-of-center people being silenced or deplatformed, having their speech criminalized, or at least their careers ruined.

Nobody’s going to come after you, they say. Unless you’re a bigot or guilty of sedition.

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But then, some liberals admit that these are very large categories, which include at least 74 million people.

Don Lemon of CNN, for instance, made it clear how he sees all Trump voters: They are on the side of the KKK and the Nazis. “You are in the crowd” with Nazis and the KKK if you voted for Trump.

But it doesn’t stop at Trump supporters. The Daily Beast carries an article mocking the idea that there’s “cancel culture,” but then the headline brands Jordan Peterson as “Alt-Right.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants Congress to “rein in our media environment,” and we know she considers Scott Walker and Tucker Carlson “far Right,” so you’ve got to wonder who on the Right she doesn’t see as an extremist.

We can expect Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others to deplatform the alt-right, the KKK and their crowd, and even Trump. Now we’re told that the alt-right, the KKK’s crowd, and Trump includes Trump voters and people like Peterson. Suddenly it seems the ranks of the imminently canceled is pretty big.

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