Tlaib gives emotional testimony at hearing on migrant detention conditions

Rep. (D-Mich.) gave heartfelt and at occasions emotional testimony through a congressional hearing Friday about the take a look at she and other Democratic lawmakers paid to a border detention facility in Texas. 

“The suffering in these camps cannot be forgotten,” Tlaib stated through a Property Oversight and Reform Committee hearing on treatment of migrants at the southern border.

“Imagine traveling thousands of miles in grueling and dangerous conditions because you have no other option only to be separated from your family, from your children, thrown into overcrowded cages, denied a shower and toothbrush. And yes, Mr. Chairman, drink water out of the toilet if you’re thirsty.”

Tlaib’s voice broke quite a few occasions through her testimony when recounting the deaths of youngsters in U.S. custody, such as a 7-12 months-outdated who died in December from a bacterial infection. 

“She was the same age as my son when I heard about it,” Tlaib stated. 

“I’ve been so deeply haunted by the unforgettable image of a 4-year-old boy coming up to me through a glass door of a cell he was in with a number of other children, asked me in Spanish where his papa was,” she stated. 

Republicans on the committee disputed the accounts of the Democrats’ who visited the border.

“I’ve been to the border multiple times and it didn’t just come recently, putting on a show in front of fences for the media,” said Rep. (R-Texas). 

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