Trevor Noah Mocks CNN’s Chris Cuomo for Comparing ‘Fredo’ to N-Word

Day-to-day Show host Trevor Noah mocked CNN host Chris Cuomo’s declare that he was racially abused by a male who termed him “Fredo,” pointing out that this variety of an insult is not as offensive as using the N-word.

Noah started his phase on Tuesday by taking aspect in a clip of Chris Cuomo confronting a particular person who regarded as him “Fredo,” threatening to throw him “down these stairs like a fucking punk.”

“Now I see why CNN makes individuals battle in independent boxes, that’s just workplace protection,” Noah quipped. “If you speak trash to [Chris Cuomo] in the streets, the only detail that may possibly nicely prevent up breaking is your practical experience.”

Nevertheless, Noah mocked the Cuomo’s declare that “Fredo” is as offensive Italian-Americans as the n-word is to African-Us citizens. The determine is a reference to the film The Godfather, with Fredo at this time currently being the weak brother persistently striving to get acceptance from his mafia boss father.

“So due to the truth this video clip went viral, there is been a significant conversation about no matter if the phrase ‘Fredo’ is a slur. Now, some are expressing that it is a reference to the dumb brother in The Godfather… but some are also expressing it is an ethnic slur,” The Comedy Central host stated. “In reality, Cuomo himself claimed that it is like contacting an Italian man or woman the n-word.”

Noah then introduced correspondent Roy Wood Jr. to option the challenge. “Is contacting an Italian man or woman ‘Fredo’ the very same as calling a black individual the ‘n-word’?” Noah requested. Rather than answering the concern, Wooden just stared at the digicam just just before going for walks off the stage.

Composing on Twitter Tuesday, Cuomo admitted he “should be better” than arguing with hecklers.

“Appreciate all the support but – fact is I really should be better than the men baiting me,” he wrote. “This takes place all the time these days. Normally in entrance of my relatives. But there is a lesson: no have to have to insert to the ugliness I really should be improved than what I oppose.”

In a assertion pursuing the incident, a CNN spokesperson affirmed that Cuomo “defended himself when he was verbally attacked with the use of an ethnic slur in an orchestrated established up,” which include that he has the network’s complete help.

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